neatness is niceness

…it occurred to me this morning that Mars in Virgo really has been all about work, organization and clearing away the clutter in my life.  I saw that coming at the outset … …but what I didn’t expect is the paths I would take in order to do so.  

That is the Uranian kicker swirling in my 9th house mind as this Mars transit wraps things up over my Virgo Sun/Ura/Plu stellium.  That, and the fact that my digestion is now whack with Mars nearing exactly exact conjuncion with Pluto, and headed for the other two.
I am still taking stock, still thinking  how to better Peter Walsh my life, lol. 
Practical purity will be reached !  haha
My boss has this hilarious motto : “Neatness is niceness.”
Eagle scout fyi.  Always prepared.  Always !

Mars in Virgo has indeed been the purge, thankfully not the vomitorium, just the ginormous stagnant life purge.  I am soOo relieved to say goodbye to situations that have outlived their time and so very happy to be cultivating new ideas and promising new growth is popping up everywhere.   Refreshing  !

Mars in Virgo IS VERY EFFICIENT, yes ?

How have you been experiencing Mars in Virgo..?
I am curious…are your skeleton closets all neat & nice ?
Mine are…mostly.  They still need some fine tuning. lol
 Virgos edit 24/7 for life.

How exciting Mars in Libra will be ! – then we will  * BEAUTIFY *.

Mars into Libra July 3 – 7:32am CST, USA
(6.5 hours before Capricorn Full Moon 1:52pm)

peace love and organizing~

5 thoughts on “neatness is niceness

  1. hmmm! just this morning i was thinking about just this very thing: how mars in virgo had impacted me. while it was ‘going strong’ in astro discussions, both forward and rx, it always seemed to affect me in the opposite way to others’ experience and more often, not really at all. today alot of the reasoning for that began to be clarified. we all have unique journeys – wow, some of us have really bizaare ones – and so i think the application of energies isnt always a matter of comparibility, even though that can bring some comfort.
    for me, i can say that it was a time of Following Through on decisions made re organisations and people, remaining firm in where and with whom i spend time and energy.
    it was a time of going through all tangible possessions and realising which ones really arent necessary in defining my space as ‘mine’.
    it was a time to take a Hard Look at where i am in relation to the world as it is today – and really appreciate again the great impact of the little pleasantries i enjoy daily.
    and it was a time to put my Foot Down in my partnership sector, honouring self before other in the basic battle of equality and how that is defined in a healthy way.
    as a virgo/libra, a lot of this couldnt get done without the mars energy. diplomatic doormat had to grow a spine. i am sure that with mar’s *absence*, even more will become obvious in retrospect.

    but i cannot say that i really liked it all that much! and it has not felt efficient. of course, a lot of this is down to me not utilising other energies working in my wheel and this is getting better all the time. oh dear…mars in libra…i hope i dont turn beligerent. lol but having just scanned this again, i think i will need the mars in my ascendent to keep walking the above talk. after all, as you say, its ‘for life’ and this is just one phase of it.

    congrats on all your closet cleaning! celebrate BRAVERY xxx

    • Hi sagittarianmoon ! Sounds like you have accomplished quite a lot. Standing up for yourself and defining boundaries are big changes. Some try a lifetime to find the guts to say the word ‘no’ and still haven’t succeeded ! Good for you ! Following through is also something I admire, since so many don’t bother. It’s a lovely quality of Saturn. If I say I will, I will, though it may take me a bit. (Saturn trine Mars) I expect the same honest qualities in others I am in communication with – equality – most definitely !

      I find that in order to enjoy the little pleasantries, I have to have an organized home. I am not such a clean freak as much as I am an organization nut. I must be able to lay my hands on the tools that I need immediately – it’s an efficiency thing. My mind (Merc at MC) can’t work right in a messy place.
      I work better when my train of thought is not derailed by spending time looking for a term or tool.

      In the end, my closets, my basement and my past all needed an overhaul, and Mars in Virgo delivered the goods !
      Congrats on all your changes Sagmoon !
      * raising glass * to Celebrate BRAVERY ! xo

      cheers !

    • Will post more Mars into Libra soon. Scopes etc,…You will be getting a double shot of Mars energy in the 1st.
      Asserting :: self ::
      In creative ways will be paramount !

    • Indeed – Hear ! Hear !
      My health has improved – mentally, spiritually and physically by purposefully being in a constant state of metamorphic rebirth.
      :::cleaning, cleansing & renewal:::
      *raising another sparkly glass* in CELEBRATION of RENEWAL
      Thanks Star !

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