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I have mentioned before the magnetite found in human brains.  Click here  and here for more fascinating info. If an energy surge, or drain is noticeably felt – try constant contact or grounding with the earth –  bare feet on ground is very beneficial, flat out laying on the ground is better..

I am going to get in the grass here shortly before bed, headache.  Tr. Mars exact Pluto and activating my Uranus has prompted (wavy vision, and headaches) and also more explorations into ley lines and earth energies.

For those following the sense of direction bit Perianne and I have been talking about recently: (from link above) some humans, particularly Polynesian navigators, seem able to judge direction in the absence of all obvious cues (Sun, Moon, stars, waves and so on)

Interestingly, the book I am reading mentions blurred vision is an effect of abnormal serotonin levels. The gastrointestinal tract (Virgo rules, that’s Mercury) holds 90% of the bodies  serotonin (my Virgo stellium is getting hammered by Mars now) the rest can be found in neurotransmitters of the central nervous system (Gemini rules, also Mercury).  All the benefics are in Gemini house at the moment, so am in pain, but mellow, thankfully.

I tell you this so maybe you can tune into the energies too … consider it a Uranus Pluto experiment with GneissMoonAstro …

 Current astro…

For now, keep in mind Uranus in Aries means an activation of the electrical brain (Aries rules: hemispheres are Mercury right; Mars, left.).  Uranus is in square to Pluto in Capricorn which means a changing of the earth, and how we relate to it.
 No, I am not meaning macro scale earth changes – I mean micro changes, our brains, our bio-energies in relation to the changing earth as we walk upon differing fields of magnetism present in the earth.

The human body acts as an antenna – it will pick up and absorb energies from the air (ions) and the earth.  Which polarity depends on the position of the body (we absorb horizontally polarized energies while prone; the opposite when walking around upright.)

Magnetic fields in the earth will vary depending on the type of rock, buried ore and type of fault lines nearby.  I feel the Smokies are a slower, older and wiser energy; the Rockies near the four corners is crisp and quick; the energies around the Northwest seem erratic, restless.  That’s the large scale impression I get, but every square mile has its own properties, and if you live near power lines – they attract even more electrical energies from the ground to broadcast, and this will be felt if you are sensitive to it electricity or magnetism.  See how you feel when you walk around….

I will be dowsing and watching for any weirdness – well more weirdness, that is, lol.
 I will be likely be revisiting magnetics, electricity, the brain and ley lines during the
 Ura/ Pluto squares … so check back…

peace love and solidarity through life’s polarities

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  1. Agreed. Amazing. Grew up in the Old hills. Live in the new hills of NM. My antenna is genetic and large. It’s taken years to understand those from mine. Just what am I picking up? Had to look into the electrical universe to find out. Dowsing, yes. All is frequency. We have the ability to change matter.

    • I heard the Hum near Taos, (wrote about on here) felt a bit queasy near the vortices, Moab feels really good.
      As for dowsing, my Moon aspects Neptune & Stellium, odd thing energy is stronger when my stomach is upset. (Moon in Toro 4)
      Do you experience fluctuations like this while dowsing ?
      Agreed, we can change matter, time too. Thanks Alice

      • Not sure what you mean. I must get into light alpha (not so hard) to dowse. Learning the electrical universe. Solar flares, CME, Protons. I know that solar activity impacts me instantly – faster than light. Watching and learning but still. Back to topic. Can’t dowse at times when agitated. From? Mass mind, solar, emf, my own programming. Sorting it out. Moon in Scorp in 11, Stellium in 9, Sun and Neptune in 8. Everything in 8,9, 10, 11, and 12. I wish to share charts. But, I’m an egglett regarding astrology. Can’t stop studying it though. Never heard the hum. The vortices in Sedona felt great. I could live there. Dowsing… I get knowings, visions. After dowsing situations (only use it to change energy, spirit rescue, remove neg.), I watch what unfolds in a few days, never know how Spirit will work. Moab, the mittens? Four corners? Yes felt great, if that’s the place. My true origins are close/ associated to there. Dowsing… it seems my energy is constantly fluctuating and I’m connected, like today – or unconnected and uninspired. Yikes, sorry. I get why queasy with Moon in Taurus in 4 while dowsing. Makes sense. That’s why I like your blog. I see connections and learn from your sharing.

      • Yes, relaxed, light alpha opening prayers prior to dowsing, then being very specific when working with the energies. The fluctuations I am referring to are fluctuations in personal health: my dowsing is faster, more spot – on and the energies stronger when my stomach is upset. The dowsing does not cause it.
        I get the feeling I am surrounded by more supportive energies during those times, my body electric is more sensitive, etc.. Can you explain how you change the energy to me (if you don’t mind) I have used the pendulum to diagnose and treat (meditate on area) problems with my own chakra wheels. One may go slower or counter when unbalanced for instance. Did you see the dowsing post I wrote ? You may like, is under divination.

        Here is the Hum post with the actual sound at the end if you are curious. I only heard it when inside my vehicle. Apparently being inside a structure amplifies the Hum greatly.

        Moab is Arches Park Utah area. The red rocks are very comforting to me, they are iron oxides – oddly perfect for a Sun/Uranus Pluto gal. Hearing music in Red Rocks natural amphitheater is a spiritual experience on all sensory levels for me. Have you been there ? Is fab !
        Map and info you may enjoy Alice: Look to where your Uranus lives and what is it activating and you will get some answers re: electro – mag energies…though it is more complex than just one planet. I am planted in lots of earth in my chart as well.

        What did the vortices feel like, if I may ask ? I did not get up close, just passing through Sedona – close enough to set the feelers off though. Your true origins are in the 4 corners area, hmmm interesting…care to share that ? I would love to listen.

        Thank you Alice, I am happy to share if it helps others on their own journey. You and all my readers are welcome to share, in fact, I encourage it … I learn this way too, and you are teaching me as well, so thank you.

        I will be posting 4/10 houses tonight or soon thereafter, stay tuned for 5/11 & 6/12. Planets are all up, signs are next after houses, then the chart readings will begin. My contact info is on the right if you would rather discuss your electromagnetic experiences privately.
        Thanks for the great reply !

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