Serenity NOW

How’s Mars treating ya ?   
We’re all pissy around here. Cat is sick, hating the evol bile medicine I have to force down his throat.  Poor thing wretches and foams at the mouth while I am poked every which way.  The other cat wisely hides. lol
Oh and transiting Pluto creeps up on my Saturn ruler and turns the square screws another notch or two.  lovely.

Energies are most definitely in flux.  Mars IS energy in the natal and it is soon to travel via retrograde back over the nit-picky bits in Virgo – oh who am I kidding ?!
They are ALL nit-picky bits in Virgo, obviously.

Sun (spirit) and Saturn (work & restriction) are under some nasty squares and how !
I am buried in work until…I do not care to count the days and weeks and months.
Sun is square happy-go-lucky Jupiter too – squeezing any optimistic juice out a dried up old day…and I am here writing about it – how about a round of applause for Mercury square Saturn. *crickets*  (sips blackberry smoothie)

Things on this page will be a work in progress towards more streamlined efficiency while Mars is Rx…posts may ease up a bit while I work behind the curtain.
Thanks for your infinite patience while Gneiss regenerates and metamorphs…

Moon (emotion) is frozen solid – cloaked in a suit of chain mail and crawling on all fours out of Capricorn on this dark moon.  Sun squares aren’t helping the sitch.
I saved the best for last though !

Luna is coming to conjunct Mercury and thankfully Mercury is quintile (talent) Uranus.  Heightened intuition and the Cosmic Headspace Bliss -out !  wheeee !
Soon New Moon Monday in the early morning (CST,USA) and some fizzy Aquarian dark moon vibes, bring it  !

Ohmmmmmmm…Gneiss Mars…yeees…that’s right…ohmmm…

peace out lovelies~