heal thyself

Monday January 23, 2012

New Moon at 2 degrees Aquarius: 1:39 am CST, USA 

Mars Rx at 23 degrees Virgo: 6:54 pm CST, USA (click for more)  

January 23, 2012 – February 9, 2013
Chinese Year of the Water Dragon (click for more)

Red Sonja – Paolo Rivera

Fair Warning – no trespass against any and all Virgos !

Virgos are born to solve, perfect, and protect.
When a festering boil erupts, it will be rooted.

Resistance is futile.

Mars direct Friday April 13, 2012 at 3 degrees Virgo: 10:53pm, CST, USA

Read: Mars has been jammed up our nostrils since entering the sign of Virgo on November 10th aggravating, initiating & rousing any and all micro – minutiae analyzation in full throttle force.

Mars has been mainlining energy into all Virgo planets via direct motion since November 10th.
Now – planets situated between 23 and 3 degrees of Virgo will be taking a retrograde hit, followed by another direct hit.

Read:  Direct and perfect, retrograde and turn the blade.

Mars is the blade, the power, the energy outgoing while direct.
Virgos prune.  Virgos heal.  They are duty – bound to serve others.

Virgos perfect by nature.

Mars while retrograde, is the blade, the power, turned inward  to re-assess the re-visions already made by the firm and steadfast Virgo intellect.  During Mars retrograde, Virgos will heal themselves.
Any and all work not deemed perfect by the perfectionist within will be revived, re-invigorated and resolved.

Natal planets between 23 and 3 degrees of Virgo will feel this Mars Rx strongly by conjunction.  Pisces planets by opposition, and Gemini and Sagittarius will feel Mars Rx by square.

Red Sonja- Gabrielle Dell’ Otto

Monday Jan 23rd : New Moon in Aquarius will bring communication undercurrents, intuitive, zaps and transformative vibes with Mars, Pluto and Sun/Moon/ Mercury activating Uranus – sharp intuitive powers !

Creative solutions will present themselves – be aware the Goddess vibe is strong with Lilith opposite Saturn at the culmination degree of 29 Libra.

Energies will be shifting, do not pick battles with authority – Lillith is square New Moon/Sun and opposite Saturn, and Mars is shifting to Retrograde.

Do not pick fights during Mars retrograde – plot and plan, yes – confront, no.

By evening, Moon passes the tense emotional squares, the atmosphere eases as Mars stations Rx, freeing us to enjoy the fizzy Aquarian Moon.

She who would slay dragons must first learn their habits.

Mars Mayhem

Mars is in Virgo until July 3rd.
The months ahead are a great time for work (Virgo) at a high volume (Mars) pace, that’s on everyone’s plate.
What Mars is doing by transit to your natal, that is yours alone.

Wherever Mars lands in the natal gets revved up, that house is on fire !
Mars is impulsive, aggressive, in your face, confrontational, action- NOW !

Mars is energy in your face and everyone elses.

If transiting Mars is conjunct a natal planet, expect an intense supercharged boost to that planetary vibe.
Trine is the same – but a bit less confrontational, more harmonious.
Square is the internal fight bubbling over, the frustration powder keg.
Opposition is when Mars is in a tug of war with the other planets energy.
Sextile is the opportunity for you to use the planetary energies – you have to go fetch it.

When Mars is in the fight he will go in guns blazing ~> act first, think later.
So if you want to maintain good relations…instead of Ramming (Mars rules Aries) aggression down someone else’s throat, go kickboxing.

Dugh qaSpa’ wogh bachHa’ ~

Surgical Strike

I felt Mars getting close to Virgo a few days back, now he’s barged in the door !  Normally he hangs around for around 2 months in each sign, but this time, he’ll be staying over pestering Virgos for eight months, counting retrogrades.  He will leave for Libra on July 3rd.

You can count on (haha Virgos count- Mercury rules Virgo and numbers) an increase of energy followed by that same energy turned inward for revision and re-evaluation of what you just did during the retrograde periods. Planets placed in these degrees will feel the pinch as Mars travels over them.
Mars Rx (retrograde) January 23, 2012 at 6:54 pm CST, USA at 23 Virgo
Mars direct April 13, 2012 at 10:53 PM CST, USA at 03 Virgo

Virgos will love this !
An opportunity to revise and tweak the work in order to perfect it ?!

Mars is the adrenalin blade and will challenge, arouse and stimulate your Virgo house, with precise efficiency.  Check the planets placed in your house of Virgo and the aspects they make for further details.

Where you have Virgo sitting in your natal chart is going to be a powerhouse of activity ~>
Also look to the house of Pisces (opposite- conflict through others) and the houses of Sagittarius and Gemini (squaring- internal conflict) for you will be feeling the knife at your back in those houses for the next eight months as well.

Mars is the aggravator, the instigator, the instincts, the competitor, and the desires, the raw power driving the whole natal chart.
When he’s around things get done-

Mars is fire, obviously, and Virgos earth.  Fire is passionate and quick; earth sensuous and slow.  So if in the next 8 months you feel you have a million things to accomplish (Virgos are very detailed, see everything- they are the list makers) and it seems to be taking forever … it is the impatience of Mars breathing down your neck.

If spiral notebook paper shards littering the floor seems catastrophically annoying, or if a cup some idiot designed that won’t fit in the cup holder sets your teeth on edge – that’s Mars aggravating the Virgo bits.

Virgos are practical and value efficiency.  They anticipate and solve problems before anyone else sees them coming, and they are extremely good at multi-tasking.  They are the civil servants to the world.  They heal, fix and tweak everything they can lay their hands on.  They are perfectionists and dedicated to self – improvement.

The above artwork is God of War, Poseidon by Cloudtail2  which I chose because my natal Mars is on the 12th house sign (natural house of Pisces) galloping in the fields of Sagittarius.  I have Virgo on the 9th (natural house of Sagittarius) and expect lots of intense spiritual study in the next few Mars in Virgo months.

Fair warning: lucky you !–if you happen to irrate and cross me (Mars in Virgo) I will more than likely be blunt (Sagittarius) and tell you off lickety-split !  Quicksilver Mercury tongue rules Virgo, and I AM a Virgo.  Being a Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus/Pluto, I have likely given the infraction lots of thought beforehand, and am very likely right, and you had it coming.   Jus’ sayin’.
See below for the issues that will be on fire for you.
If you have Virgo on the ___ house:

1st- your identity, personality 2nd- your values, possessions, 3rd-communication, how you think, 4th- home and family, 5th-romance and creativity, 6th- work and service, health (natural house of Virgo), 7th- partnerships, 8th- sex, reasearch, metaphysics, 9th- higher education, travel, 10th- career, status, 11th- friends and society at large, 12th- mysticism, spiritual healing