We are swimming in a cosmic dance of 6 Pisces planets 
Moon (Women) is in boho
sci-fi Aquarius

International Women’s Day.
I may as well celebrate 
Pluto trine my natal Moon comin’ & goin’ at the mo
note: this is an old hollyweird amalgam of many cultures
I am posting for
song & dance & film (Pisces)

not for religious authenticity
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Debra as Sita in The Indian Tomb 1959

The word sīta was a poetic term in ancient India,
its imagery redolent of fecundity (Moon) and the many blessings
coming from settled agriculture.

Sita is Earth Mother.

Sita Sings the Blues


Lucky charms

The Charm Bracelet Richard Farrington

Dark Moon coming to conjunct Mercury and Uranus in Aries while in square to Pluto

Think renovation of all those feelings buried deep – here they come !
Lightning strikes, radical new insights followed by ozone buzz
Think of it as soul smudging – ions are changing in the next few – it’s a good thing !

Mercury is quintile Venus
What is your perception of love ?  How do you communicate it ?  Ideas..?
Be creative !

North Node and Juno are dancing together in visionary Sagittarius both trine Uranus
Who or what exactly are you looking for ?
Fires signs inspire creativity and passion – that’s your first clue.
Uranus is divine intuition in a hair’s breath, and Sagittarius is forever optimistic –
that’s your second clue.
Juno is the kind of life partner you need to feel satisfied – that’s your third clue.
So are we brainstorming and getting dark moonie insights ?
That’s good ~ keep it UP ~ stay positive !

Manifestation is imminent – get your charms in place

New Moon in Taurus on Saturday the 21st (USA) brings a Grand Earth Trine
Sun conjunct Moon in trine to Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo
Jupiter the greater happy-go-lucky benefic is also in the Taurus house at New Moon
…so fantastic  *shiny*  new good things are just around the corner…


heal thyself

Monday January 23, 2012

New Moon at 2 degrees Aquarius: 1:39 am CST, USA 

Mars Rx at 23 degrees Virgo: 6:54 pm CST, USA (click for more)  

January 23, 2012 – February 9, 2013
Chinese Year of the Water Dragon (click for more)

Red Sonja – Paolo Rivera

Fair Warning – no trespass against any and all Virgos !

Virgos are born to solve, perfect, and protect.
When a festering boil erupts, it will be rooted.

Resistance is futile.

Mars direct Friday April 13, 2012 at 3 degrees Virgo: 10:53pm, CST, USA

Read: Mars has been jammed up our nostrils since entering the sign of Virgo on November 10th aggravating, initiating & rousing any and all micro – minutiae analyzation in full throttle force.

Mars has been mainlining energy into all Virgo planets via direct motion since November 10th.
Now – planets situated between 23 and 3 degrees of Virgo will be taking a retrograde hit, followed by another direct hit.

Read:  Direct and perfect, retrograde and turn the blade.

Mars is the blade, the power, the energy outgoing while direct.
Virgos prune.  Virgos heal.  They are duty – bound to serve others.

Virgos perfect by nature.

Mars while retrograde, is the blade, the power, turned inward  to re-assess the re-visions already made by the firm and steadfast Virgo intellect.  During Mars retrograde, Virgos will heal themselves.
Any and all work not deemed perfect by the perfectionist within will be revived, re-invigorated and resolved.

Natal planets between 23 and 3 degrees of Virgo will feel this Mars Rx strongly by conjunction.  Pisces planets by opposition, and Gemini and Sagittarius will feel Mars Rx by square.

Red Sonja- Gabrielle Dell’ Otto

Monday Jan 23rd : New Moon in Aquarius will bring communication undercurrents, intuitive, zaps and transformative vibes with Mars, Pluto and Sun/Moon/ Mercury activating Uranus – sharp intuitive powers !

Creative solutions will present themselves – be aware the Goddess vibe is strong with Lilith opposite Saturn at the culmination degree of 29 Libra.

Energies will be shifting, do not pick battles with authority – Lillith is square New Moon/Sun and opposite Saturn, and Mars is shifting to Retrograde.

Do not pick fights during Mars retrograde – plot and plan, yes – confront, no.

By evening, Moon passes the tense emotional squares, the atmosphere eases as Mars stations Rx, freeing us to enjoy the fizzy Aquarian Moon.

She who would slay dragons must first learn their habits.

Lunar Lore

The Moon moves fast, spends about 2 days in each sign, it navigates the entire zodiac in 27.33 days.

According to Ye Olde Farmer’s Almanac tradition, here is how to set the best times for surgery dates.

First look to the Man of the Signs drawing above to see which sign rules which part of the human body.
Then look to the see what sign the Moon falls in.
Choose a time when the moon is in the sign furthest away from the area you will be having surgery on.

For instance if having surgery on the head or face, schedule the appointment when the moon is in Pisces for best results.

Also watch for full moons and avoid surgery at these times as the moon rules the ocean tides and water, and human blood is 80 % water.  The blood flows more freely and is slower to clot during full moons.  Some also give 3 days on either side of the full moon as a time to avoid surgery because of the increase of blood flow.

During the Last Quarter and New Moon times, blood flow is more sluggish and is better for healing and resting.
Keep in mind, I am not a medical doctor, this is Farmer’s Almanac lore and wisdom, not medical advice.

Ever wonder why during dark moons you only feel like being quiet and lounging with a book ?
Now you know ~ your blood flow is slightly reduced, meaning less oxygen throughout the blood stream, it is a time for respite.

Hair ?
For increase of growth, cut between the New and Full Moon.
For thicker hair, cut on the Full Moon.  (My boss swears by this !)
To decrease growth, Full to New Moon (plucking, shaving, dyeing)

Looney for Lunar info ?    More here ~> just click !


moonlight mojo

New Moon in Capricorn, folks.  Draw up your maps, plot your course  !

New moon signals a time of planting seeds for future growth, new moon in Capricorn – specifically long term yield and growth on the material plane.  Capricorn is the career driven 10th house sign – the midheaven – the peak of public achievements.  Capricorn rules time, building, Earth and stones.

I am a Capricorn rising with this new moon conjunct my Ascendant, quintile (spiritual gifts) Mercury, trine my Venus /Jupiter on the 8th (my Pluto is also in the 8th which rules mines) so ~ a timely I love rocks / crystals post !

Sun and Moon are coming up to conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, which rules mines and the underground where crystals are formed…hmmm…perhaps this is the light in dark places I was referring to in a previous post !

Pictured above is a specimen of rainbow moonstone, ruled by Moon and Neptune.  (I have Moon exalted in Toro, opposite Neptune which is my most highly aspected planet, and I wear rainbow moonstone often.)

Moonstone is a feldspar, a type of rock which makes up to 60% of the earth’s crust.  You may come into contact with feldspar every day without even knowing it.  Resistant to chemical corrosion, it is used in glassmaking, ceramics, as a filler in paint, plastics, and rubber.  Moonstone is formed by twinning which is the layering of atoms between chemically compatible (high temperatures) and incompatible (low temperatures) intergrowths which separates the layers causing shimmer and refraction of light.
A few words about my kinship with stones :

The person carrying the stone must seek enlightenment within/without, but I DO see stones as lower frequency fortifiers, if you will, while on the journey.

A cleanse/ prayer/ intent fashioned as an energy to work in accordance with the stone, which I feel holds the frequency of the intent longer and over a more drawn out period of time because of its slower vibration.

Then it works as a ‘helper’.  For example, if in a busy moment in a noisy crowd, it can be a ‘touch- stone’ reminder of the committment made during the longer cleanse/prayer ceremony.

Like a mental breaker switch- touch it- get a reminder of the direction of personal will and intent.  When under stressful energies, it is there to fortify.

With that said, an acorn, buckeye, piece of driftwood, shell or whatever could hold the same gift from an above ground/ in the sea standpoint, particularly if it was a gift from a loved one ~ which adds a zing to the vibe.

While river stones and crystals are earthEarthEARTH underground and hold power in a different way since they are formed over eons by pressure.

I feel they offer a solid document, if you will, of the agreement humans make coming into this Earth arena.  They are remnants of our ancestors and carry knowledge of other times in rock form.

When I hold a fossil, ammonite in particular, I am reminded of time and my small, yet important place in it – am reminded to act accordingly as the spiral of life reaches ever outward.

Think of the stones as allies on the journey.  My stones will remain long after I’m gone … gives perspective, you know..?

Moonstone is the stone of the High Priestess, the keeper of divine feminine mysteries.

It can be used to aid the journey inward, reveal emotions, instincts and hidden memories.  It is helpful in dealing with fluctuation, cycles, changes, and it fosters serenity, sensitivity, and nurturing.

Moonstone can help guide you on your spiritual journey with the aid of the Great Mother, Gaia.  Moonstone teaches the cycles of life and how to work with them, it helps give insight, a higher perspective, a higher vibration, and increases empathic abilities.

Rainbow moonstone is a protection stone that diffuses a rainbow prism of energies throughout the aura, it helps deflect negativity and clears the emotional body.

Historically, (it wouldn’t be a Cappy Moon, and I wouldn’t be a Cappy ASC if I didn’t go into the history) moonstone is said to predict the future if held under the tongue on a full moon.
Hindus believed it was moonlight, hardened.  It was used to aid in birth (I am currently having Pluto square Saturn – my chart ruler and am using it to aid in re-birth), restore balance and harmony between feuding lovers (pass the same moonstone between each other every two weeks) as well as to cure sleeplessness.  It is a good stone for teenagers as it helps balance and soften the emotions and alleviates mood imbalances.

On a subtle energy level, moonstone when used as an elixir, is beneficial for female health of all kinds.  It alleviates stomach (moon ruled) and digestion problems by activating the Manipura, or solar plexus chakra behind the navel.

It also is very beneficial for alleviating anxiety and stress by bringing balance to the emotional body.  On a cellular level, moonstone elixir regenerates human skin tissue and stimulates the pituitary (master of hormone production) gland.

Moonstone aligns the astral and emotional bodies.



Fresh breath

New Moon in Capricorn December 24, 2:06pm CST, USA.

New Moon brings a fresh cycle, increase of light and energy.
Set intentions for your future according to the moon in Capricorn.

Capricorn is eons of earth (material world) crystallization.
Honor yourself, others and the Earth with Moon in Capricorn.
Make long-range plans, practice ritual, conserve and be disciplined.
This moon favors business and career, workings that will produce at a delay or long-term.

Capricorns Use  their Time wisely.

What does the phase of the moon at your birth tell you..?  click here.

The breath is a mantra spoken 26,000 times a day.

The past is behind us, the future is unformed and the present unfolds quickly.
Detach, accept the impermanence of all things.

The breath is born (inhale).
The breath lives (oxygen in our blood).
The breath dies (exhale).

Each inhalation is cleansing, each exhalation a release of the old and impure.

The old gives way to the new.
This is nature’s way.

Envision your life renewed with each inhalation of breath. 



Partial Solar Eclipse November 25, 12:10 AM CST, USA.

Thinking of the eclipse and going to post some pics simply for pleasure…

Previous post regarding eclipse in depth here.

Dark moon in Sagittarius and the house is packed !
Click the links for fun or study, or both ~


   Alchemical Tarot by
Robert Place




  Eclipse crop circle

  Science of Crop Circles : Here
Solar Lunar eclipse by Natsuki MaiHiME


NRBQ for my dark moon Sag Mars !!  WooOo HoOoo


Telin le thaed

Mercury goes Retrograde November 24 at 20 degrees of Sagittarius, direct on December 12 at 4 degrees of Sagittarius.
Retrograde is when the planet in question appears to go backwards from the vantage point of the earth.
It is a time to re-consider, re-evaluate, re-invent all things written, spoken, thought or travelled in the previous Mercury cycle.  It is a time of slowing the outgoing messages and increasing the intake, a time of review, and revision.

I love this image, and have used it before — so he may just be my Mercury retrograde ‘go to guy’, many thanks to Andy Park, illustrator.

Ok, now down to the nitty gritty of this retrograde regarding communication in the sign of far reaching vision, Sagittarius.
Every chart has a theme, a central point that is the emphasis of the life or event in question.  

This eclipse chart emphasis points to a change in direction revolving around the central theme of communication – both personally and globally.  As I mentioned in this post, the eclipse can be felt leading up to and for many months afterward as planets make aspects to the eclipse point.

I graduated with a communications degree and incidents of late have me concerned to say the least.

I have Mercury (communication) in Libra (sign of balance) at MC or midheaven at the top (peak experience) of my chart, I am a 9th house (natural house of Sagittarius and visionary higher learning and study) Virgo Sun (Mercury rules Virgo) conjunct wildcard Uranus and metamorphosis Pluto.


Personal back story : I grew up on a rural route with a party line phone.  That means several houses on my road shared the same phone number, but each house had a different ring indicating who was being dialed.  Anyone on the line could pick up and listen, but politeness (Jupiter and Venus ruled and are conjunct in my chart) dictated if you mistakenly picked up, you excused yourself, apologized and hung up the phone. (except when the news was juicy, lol ! ha kidding !)  I remember gathering around the tv for the moon landing, Elvis live from Hawaii (both huge memories for me) and the tweaking of tinfoil and rabbit ears for good reception.  The advent of FM radio in the late 60’s early 70’s was orgasmic to a Taurus Moon (sensate art) girl with Saturn (rules hearing, in addition to Mercury) as chart ruler.  I remember listening to Beatles 45’s with my older sister (Ringo, if you were wondering; me- George) and this cool new swing-arm thinger that let us stack 45’s so we could hear 4 or 5 songs in a row– they would drop down automatically — one after another, so we could dance longer.  Amazing, huh !?  lol.  Fast forward to 24 hour Music television and I had a personal revelation, a second coming of sorts — music is huge for me with Neptune most highly aspected, and here it was, artistry multiplied – audio and visual – all day and night.  My parents literally had to drag me away from it every night.  I mean who cares about sleep (Neptune) when there is music television ?!  Fast forward to the internet and communication around the globe instantly, the people’s media – the worldwide university of thoughts and ideas accessible from the comforts of home.  Think about it – how cool is that !?        Now, I ask you, may we please may we observe a moment of silence for the ipod.         Dear goddess, the heavens parted and the angels sang – my entire music library grew from allowance money vinyl that filled several boxes to compact discs then onto a heavenly object that fits in the palm of my hand.  Yes it is compressed and not nearly as lush as vinyl, but still. in. the. palm. of. my. hand. WoW !  Then when MTV turned into whatever t.f. it is now NO MUSIC TV, sheesh, whatever – there was born in the eyes of some of my homeboys- Youtube.  Music video library, university courses, lectures, ufo sightings, the whistling language of Silbo Gomero, spitting goats, you name it- it’s up there.  I love it that I saw Radiohead, spent hours waiting to get out of the lot, drove home in the wee hours- and by the time I woke up the next afternoon – the show was already posted multiple times – in its entirety !  sswa -eeet 2x over mmm, yes ! Blessed be ye tapers, oh mani padme hum.  I recently had a shift in viewpoint when I bought an iphone — internet instantly in my pocket- snap !  Again, I am just WoWed by all these new forms of communicating and being Neptune girl, telepathy is next we all know it, it’s coming !

So you are gathering communication is a biggie for me, yes..?
(I would have done Helen Keller’s chart by now if I had the correct birth time, and I may yet anyway – she is one of my sheroes)
Camp Mercury
The ascendant at the time of the eclipse is diligent, work and service – oriented Virgo, making Mercury chart ruler.  Mercury is closest to the eclipse point at the time of eclipse and rules the Ascendant (identity) and Midheaven (peak experience, and how we use communication).  What and how we communicate is paramount to who we are in this chart personally and globally.
Mercury is conjunct (power operating) Venus (love, kindness) and sextile (opportunity) Saturn (justice, tact, discipline).
Mercury is also Quintile (gifts of spirit) Chiron – the healer, philosopher and teacher.

Mercury retrograde at the time of eclipse, hand in hand with Venus is giving communication a vibe of Peaceful Resistance.  Mercury squares (inner tension) the Ascendant or the vibe that is put in the world from the visionary sign of Sagittarius.  What is ethical speech, what are the consequences of what we say to one another ?

Camp Chiron
Virgo Ascendant with Chiron as ruler placed in the sign of spiritual intelligence, idealism and divine harmony is squaring (inner tension) the eclipse point.  We as a people feel (Chiron conjunct Neptune opposite Mars in Virgo the fighter for the little guys) we are not being heard – worldwide – but with the Quintile to Mercury, rest assured, We Are.  We hear one another loud and clear.

Listen to the end and hear the call of the Sagittarius eclipse approaching…this page got 21 new comments in nearly as many seconds, and if you google UC Davis you will get more police brutality against peaceful protesters.
I find this very disturbing.
Mars (force) is in a T-square (imbalance) with the eclipse, and Uranus is square Pluto – that’s a wildcard…ponder that and you be the judge.

In addition to the above, congress wants to enact censorship on the only people’s media (front lines reporting from the people on the street via camera phones etc. ) available to us in the face of bought and paid for cable networks and their biased (non) reporting of events.  See below.
At the time of writing, US Congress is considering two bills, the PROTECT-IP Act (PDF) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) (PDF). Some of those in the media industry argue that the acts, which will allow an unprecedented level of internet censorship under US law that will impact on the web worldwide, are necessary to protect jobs.

Opponents argue that the bills could turn the internet into a glorified version of cable TV and destroy innovation. Tumblr has been active in encouraging its US users to call their representatives and argue against “using the same domain blacklisting technologies pioneered by China and Iran”; elsewhere, an open letter also sent to Congressional leaders has been co-signed by AOL, eBay, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Twitter, Yahoo! and Zynga, all of whom rarely agree on anything else, which says a lot.  Click here for entirety.
I am not here to forecast doom and gloom, only to spread the word, and let you decide for yourself.


I would like you to keep in mind this partial solar eclipse is a new moon and is the time for planting seeds that will be harvested when the moon is full on December 10th, 2011, which is also a full lunar eclipse.  (more on that later)

Solar is ego, ambition /  lunar is instinct and emotions.
November eclipse will activate the solar / December, the lunar.

Be mindful of your thoughts, focus on the positive.
Be love.

On December 10th, we not only have a full lunar eclipse at 18 degrees of Sagittarius, but also Uranus direct.
That will shake things up a bit, I am thinking.

If your actions grow from a loving heart, then loving fruits your actions will produce and  multiply.
Blessed be.