We are swimming in a cosmic dance of 6 Pisces planets 
Moon (Women) is in boho
sci-fi Aquarius

International Women’s Day.
I may as well celebrate 
Pluto trine my natal Moon comin’ & goin’ at the mo
note: this is an old hollyweird amalgam of many cultures
I am posting for
song & dance & film (Pisces)

not for religious authenticity
film criticism click
thank you

Debra as Sita in The Indian Tomb 1959

The word sīta was a poetic term in ancient India,
its imagery redolent of fecundity (Moon) and the many blessings
coming from settled agriculture.

Sita is Earth Mother.

Sita Sings the Blues


3 thoughts on “fecundity

  1. She’s mesmerizing with the cat-like moves, so I had to look her up ! Thanks for mentioning Ace, sorry a bit under the weather today and sluggish.

    Debra is Leo Sun, and Moon / Merc exact conjunct in Leo 11 – how perfect + Venus tightly conjunct Jupiter in Virgo 12 (Venus conj ASC) and Neptune all in 12th ! Not to mention Powerfully strong Cancer Pluto as focal point of T-Square with Libra Mars opp Uranus in Aries.

    Seems ‘Fecundity’ was the exactly proper choice of wording !

    I would love to see the whole movie, I Love Metropolis, (another Fritz Lang ) so betting I would like this also ! You are quite the old movie buff – if I have questions, I know where to go, our tastes are very similar !

  2. Watching Princess of the Nile while I do dark moon declutter etc…
    Very cool – it also stars Jeffery Hunter who was Capt. Pike in Star Trek TOS, (one of my all-time fave episodes) ‘The Menagerie’. There is of course, more dancing and Debra for those like me who loved her moves in the video above. Enjoy !

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