Hang Loose

Mars in Pisces is stealth.
Singular Mars will becomes ONE for ALL & ALL for ONE. This instinctive, impulsive, Mars is a slippery sensate who goes with the flow just as often as they create it.  Imagination, fantasy, artistic urges and the need to retreat into solitude are backed by ENERGY.

They often avoid confrontation, though are extremely resilient in a pinch.  It is wise to note: Mars anger often quietly submerges to lick its wounds in private only to rise from the depths in a more monstrous form later when you least expect it.  Mars will be subdued for only so long…underestimate at your own peril.

High qi Mars in Pisces is a Jedi vibration, ala May the Force be with You.
“You will know… when you are calm, at peace, passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack. ”  Yoda

Feelers are tweaked, mysticism and subconscious drives are deeply tuned & turned: outward due to Mars – inward due to Pisces.  Mars in water is attuned emotionally, intuitively and sympathetically.  Pisces Mars is elusive and doing many things in many different directions, nailing them down is nearly impossible as they act in tandem with the tidal flow of emotions, feelings and subconscious drives.

Daydreams are par for the course.  Night dreams are off the scale active – interpret them.  Divination, music, art, film, surfing/water sports are natural stress relievers.  Denying or escaping sensitivities by dissolving into addiction is not recommended.  Instead build healthy boundaries with plenty of solitude and peace & quiet.

This is a fantastically creative Mars placement when other aspects add the ability to focus prolific imaginative dreams into manifested reality.

Hang Loose
Gneiss Moon

Hector is the bomb, yeah ?
He really goes for it, catches tons of air, love it !
14 + years ago I met someone named Hector.  The only one, ever.
If I ever have a kid, his name is gonna be Hector.
(Hector means: holding fast)


We are swimming in a cosmic dance of 6 Pisces planets 
Moon (Women) is in boho
sci-fi Aquarius

International Women’s Day.
I may as well celebrate 
Pluto trine my natal Moon comin’ & goin’ at the mo
note: this is an old hollyweird amalgam of many cultures
I am posting for
song & dance & film (Pisces)

not for religious authenticity
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Debra as Sita in The Indian Tomb 1959

The word sīta was a poetic term in ancient India,
its imagery redolent of fecundity (Moon) and the many blessings
coming from settled agriculture.

Sita is Earth Mother.

Sita Sings the Blues


Bono vox

Hello everyone
My vinyl has a front row seat since I ditched the search for the holy grail of ipod decks.  Haha don’t worry, we’re not goin’ there.  I am spinning the Red Rocks show, ’bout wore it right out in highschool…I was dating a Sagittarius then, but we’re not gonna go there either. nope. Just know I have sworn off ’em for life.

May I introduce Paul David Hewson, better known as Bono.
I knew he was Toro, but I took another look, a closer look.

WoW –  a kite, of course (an on target aspect for power and focused creativity), Moon Neptune conjunction in Scorpio (family man, quiet and deeply sensitive towards the public, wants to heal – North Node and Chiron in Virgo the public servant adds to this) as the apex opposite Sun, Mercury, Venus conjunction.

Obviously a very powerful singer (Taurus rules the throat, Venus rules Toro) Bono is a man whose very nickname means ‘good voice’ in latin – Bono Vox is an alteration of Bonavox.

Jupiter and Pluto sextile his Moon Neptune conjunction.  Pluto is very well aspected  making him a powerful provoker of positive change.  Jupiter in Capricorn uses its powerful position in life in philosophical ways in order to benefit others.  It is an expansive social responsiblity aspect.  I gotta mention again how much I love this Sag/Cap energy – idealism & expansion coupled with restraint.

Mars in the last degree of Pisces is also a very powerful signature of someone who wants to activate large-scale healing.  Saturn rules Capricorn, is placed strongly here in trine to his Taurus stellium – Bono is obviously a hard worker who feels a huge responsibility to communicate love and fairness world-wide.  He steps up to the plate to do so again and again, using his fame for betterment of the world.
(check out wiki for extensive list)

Bono has Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto retrograde, he’s only gonna get better with age – awesome – I really liked him at 23, lol.   Speaking of which, his birthdate reduces to 22, a master number; it signals a Master Builder with idealistic creativity put forth in grand manifestation, it denotes charisma, precision and balance.

I knew Bono had emergency back surgery for severe compression of the sciatic nerve in May of 2010, which is shown by a very strong Uranus placement in Leo (rules the back) as focal point of a T-square.  (Genius creativity aspect)  Uranus is square both his Moon Neptune conjunction and also his Taurus stellium.  This makes him an independent thinker who blazes a trail of creativity, hope and radical generosity wherever he goes.

I don’t have a specific time for his stress injury while rehearsing, but I checked transits for the week prior to his surgery on May 21, 2010.  Bono had tr. Uranus (and Jupiter nearing) conjunct natal Mars exact, tr. Mars conjunct natal Uranus.  Pluto was Rx applying to his natal Jupiter, and 9th house rules the sciatic nerves. (Jupiter rules the 9th) His surgery was successful, and Bono was back on stage in August of the same year.  Strong in heart, spirit and body, right on !

U2 will be playing live the 17 + 18 in Anaheim CA with Lenny Kravitz opening.
For other tour dates, check it all out here on their official website.  U2

Charities (click)
Amnesty International
DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa)
ONE, (Product (RED)
Chernobyl Children’s Project

peace & love & music ~

Saturn day

Emmylou – I just love to hear her sing…
She’s an Aries with Cancer rising which means her chart ruler is Moon.  It is strongly placed for a singer in the 2nd house the natural house of Taurus which rules the throat.

Interestingly, Saturn (time, grey hair) is in her 1st house of ‘how you look’ conjunct Ascendant in Leo (hair, mane), and she started turning prematurely grey in her early 20’s.

Neptune (compassion, the hidden) trine Uranus (committment to human rights) in the 11th (Uranus squares Mars landmines) both Uranus and Neptune are placed in air signs (communication) which shows her work through her music in removing landmines world-wide.  http://www.emmylou.net/jam.html

Moon in Virgo (pets) and yes, Emmylou is a PETA supporter.   Emmylou has Venus (love, art) Mercury  (communication) and Mars (action) all in Pisces (spiritual healers) showing her grassroots activism in improving the world for all of us.

Emmylou has expansive Jupiter in Scorpio as focal planet of a T-square with Moon in Virgo and Venus in Pisces – she is an exceptional singer / songwriter (Venus/Pisces)who has collaborated with many talented friends (Venus) through the years.  She has recorded and jammed just about everyone in Nashville.

This post is for my Capricorn Dad, on Father’s day, and my former husband, Eric.  My Dad and I had our Saturns conjunct, while Eric gives my Saturn his lucky Jupiter.