Hang Loose

Mars in Pisces is stealth.
Singular Mars will becomes ONE for ALL & ALL for ONE. This instinctive, impulsive, Mars is a slippery sensate who goes with the flow just as often as they create it.  Imagination, fantasy, artistic urges and the need to retreat into solitude are backed by ENERGY.

They often avoid confrontation, though are extremely resilient in a pinch.  It is wise to note: Mars anger often quietly submerges to lick its wounds in private only to rise from the depths in a more monstrous form later when you least expect it.  Mars will be subdued for only so long…underestimate at your own peril.

High qi Mars in Pisces is a Jedi vibration, ala May the Force be with You.
“You will know… when you are calm, at peace, passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack. ”  Yoda

Feelers are tweaked, mysticism and subconscious drives are deeply tuned & turned: outward due to Mars – inward due to Pisces.  Mars in water is attuned emotionally, intuitively and sympathetically.  Pisces Mars is elusive and doing many things in many different directions, nailing them down is nearly impossible as they act in tandem with the tidal flow of emotions, feelings and subconscious drives.

Daydreams are par for the course.  Night dreams are off the scale active – interpret them.  Divination, music, art, film, surfing/water sports are natural stress relievers.  Denying or escaping sensitivities by dissolving into addiction is not recommended.  Instead build healthy boundaries with plenty of solitude and peace & quiet.

This is a fantastically creative Mars placement when other aspects add the ability to focus prolific imaginative dreams into manifested reality.

Hang Loose
Gneiss Moon

Hector is the bomb, yeah ?
He really goes for it, catches tons of air, love it !
14 + years ago I met someone named Hector.  The only one, ever.
If I ever have a kid, his name is gonna be Hector.
(Hector means: holding fast)