thought seeds

Don Ivan Punchatz

Fearlessly hopeful or foolishly fearless ?
Thought seeds.



I have so such on my mind this past week, symptomatic of Saturn (my ruler is Saturn Rx in 3rd thinking, rules hands) and Mercury (my MC planet, highball) in retrograde.

We are ALL feeling it:
Rewind, review, rework, re-invent, re-structure, reintegrate communication 

Restriction on Mercurial communication is part and parcel of natal Merc Rx; Saturn in Gemini, Virgo, 3rd or 6th; or Virgo, Gem on 10th: Mercury in 10 or Capricorn.

Only when Merc goes haywire does the world freak – omg WTF happened ?!?!
Communication breakdown…patience is called for.
 Oh how well do I know this.

Thought Funnel.

This very moment in and of itself makes me think of Stephen Hawking.

Stephen has a grand earth trine – Sun and Mercury Capricorn; Moon conjunct Neptune in Virgo; Saturn conjunct Uranus in Taurus.  Conjunctions are POWER OPERATING.

Stephen also has a T-Square with Mars is the focal planet in late degree Aries (leading pioneer in forward thrust); Mercury in the later degrees of Capricorn (achievement) opposing Pluto in Leo (metamorphic  expression).

He is fueled by so much to achieve and a “how – to – say” particularism that is message to Earth channelled by fire rushing into late restricted Earth.  God/goddess bless, I tear up, because in a small way, I am similar.  I asked for visuals because I tried to understand the words and theories that were beyond me, except in pictures.

I understand visuals so much more so than words: my typing is horrendous, my thoughts are moving beyond my ability to type.

Is this how you feel, what you encounter everyday ?  The ultimate funneling of Mercury restricted..onto the earth plane ?  If so, please allow me to thank you for being so patient while we try to keep up.


My world is better for you in it.
Thank you, Sir.
You are a hero of mine, yes indeed.

New Moon in Pisces here

Mars into Aries
Tuesday 12
1:26am CST,USA

Merc direct
Sunday 17
3:03pm CST, USA