Geometry of vapour

The victorious mist, against the pale depth of air,
Has diluted even the accustomed towers,
Whose grey thoughts are now gone forever,
Like some vague dream, or a geometry of vapour.

Georges Rodenbach

Geometry of vapour.
I love that !
Dark moon my way has been filled
with boundary set, as I wrote in my last post

::: retrogrades force reinvention :::

I have Mars energy by the backdoor (12th house sign)
all I delineated – I have lived
until I honed my skill set
sensate does not equal stress sickness
.not anymore.
I hope you found it helpful 
happier trails for the next few

emotional path is less rocky as
Moon sextiles Sun, Mars as it heads for Aquarius

Thursday 7th 9:01pm CST,USA
Moon into Aquarius
Love that fizzy Aqua Moon, yes indeed.
feels friendlier, pop fly ideas, innovative, boho

Monday 11th 2:51pm CST,USA
New Moon in Pisces
Sun / Moon conjunction quintiles Pluto in Capricorn 
at time of New Moon beginnings

work this energy of genius expression
in your favor
conscious & subconscious – reboot
health, emotional, artistic
is primo

set intentions at New Moon
they will grow to fullness
with Luna as she phases to full

Full Moon 6 degrees Libra
March 27th 4:27am CST, USA
Full Libra Moon opposes Aries
Aries Sun Venus conjunction
at 6 degrees
Uranus at 8, Mars at 11
the whole shebang
Pluto in Capricorn at 11 degrees

Cardinal T-Square mash-UP !