foot follies

The groOovy thing about tons of planets in Pisces is the deader than a hammer sleepfests night after night after night after night.

The not so groOvy thing about tons of planets in Pisces is yammering outta bed at silly o’clock trying to gain vertical while tangled in blankets to do the footcramp boogie.

You know what I’m talkin’ about.
heh.heh…dontcha ?!
Talk about a rude awakening !

Neptune rules Pisces rules feet.
Mars rules pain.  Uranus, spasms.

Mars nears Uranus from late Pisces.
Eat your bananas !
♠ fair warning ♠

nite all & sweet dreams
peace out

2 thoughts on “foot follies

  1. Gneiss Moon, you are sooooooooooo funny! HA-HA-HA-HA!

    I love cats, and the way they stretch!

    Believe it or not, it was the same for me on Wednesday. My eyes were filled with fairy dust, and Neptune was a guest in my bed, all day.

    The World was moving backward or something — Mercury is retro, and I’m Gemini.

    • Glad you like the cats, me too, they are always around since a kid ! All my kitty cat asteroids are hanging out with my Neptune giving it a hand. I feel ya on the astro – definately fairy dust and a time – out of time vibe… great to hear from ya !

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