moving between worlds

Hello everyone, thanks for your patience while I have been under the weather.
This is a quickie read from The Wild Wood Tarot deck for Mars into Aries.
Intent: clarity, insight for highest good of all.

Tuesday 12th
Mars into Aries

1:26am CST, USA

Moon into Aries

Mars rules Aries; is super strong and hot to trot – he begins to power UP the wattage when moving to conjunct Uranus in Aries at 7 degrees.  Uranus squares Pluto at 11 Capricorn, so expect some extra energy coming your way.
 If you have been feeling a bit low energy, this will help kick start the power.

Also note the square between super powers Uranus and Pluto are calling for change.  Use this to your advantage – clear energies and projects that have been stalled, brainstorm and be innovative !  This will likely bring surprising news your way…more on that later.

Energies strong in houses Aries and Capricorn – though all Cardinal signs will be feeling an upthrust of energies.

Page of Vessels = Mars (pioneer)

Otter moves easily between water or emotive worlds; and the world of land, material achievement and progress.  This card refers to fair play, service, loyalty and devotion.
Mars having spent time with seven planets in Pisces and followed by Moon brings with him the emotional knowledge and understanding of the cosmos.

King of Arrows = Uranus (awakener)

Kingfisher moves easily between water or emotive worlds; and the world of air, communication and thought.  This card indicates a mindfulness of thought, intelligence born of cosmic intuition.   Emotional strength meets ideas, flying free.  Humanitarian ideals born of the heartbeat of the collective, power an internal compass set to progress and evolve. Strategize how to best move forward: heart and head acting together.

Nine of Bows = Pluto (metamorphosis)

Respect for the heart of the sacred quest we all make.  The path is full of dangers – have respect for the process of life, death, and re-birth.  The seeker must be alert, and humble before the powers of the great spirit – learning is born of experience on the sacred journey.  Be better rather than bitter, self-discipline in the face of desires strengthens the spirit.

The only constant is change, bend rather than break.


5 thoughts on “moving between worlds

  1. (Shakes head). Mercury Rx.
    Was right side up, swears it
    Will fix at home, apologies !
    From home: Now I see it IS right side up here – it is only upside down on my phone.

  2. This morning I have Mars conjunct my natal Mars at 0 Aries. The Moon is there, too, and soon the other planets will come in contact with my Aries Mars. The only problem is, all of this energy is hidden away in my 12th house (12th house cusp at 28 Pisces). What’s a person to do with all that pent-up energy?

    • Morning Cyn, I think the energy works itself out without you even realizing it did. [You can consciously plant the seeds in your subconscious by training yourself via thoughts, speech and journaling where you want to go.]
      Your comment is a welcome wake-up from a night filled with strange dreams.
      Higher service, very hi qi 12th house. When we are reaching out to help others, we also improve our lives as well as the lives of others. You helped me this am, thank you !

      In physical terms; swimming, walking meditation, martial arts, wear or use bright colors. Mental; write a haiku, start a new journal with a specific goal in mind – brainstorm where you want your energy to go, deliniate a plan of action. Emo; pick up a paintbrush, a guitar, plant a flower, volunteer or take up a cause. When Aries is involved, moving forward is the only way – positive, postive !
      All the best, Cyn – Go for it !

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