Let’s Rock ‘N’ Roll !

setessan_starbreaker_by_chasestone-d74iynmChase Stone

Mars rules Aries !  Spontaneous bursts of outbound fire energy and impulsive decisions are hot to trot with this Mars.  No Waiting !!

Mars here is courageous and protective, they are masters of their own destiny: determined to be first, fastest, strongest, best.  Thinking and mulling things over is not the forte of Mars in Aries >>> fast results, aggression, power and getting passionately physical – pronto – is.

Aries Mars is eager to achieve, a creative leader who cheerleads kindred with vim and vigor – what are you waiting for ?! They need to take the initiative, they need action/sport/competition in order to thrive.  This Mars lives on stimulation, they are formidable fighters – channelled correctly, this placement of Mars is easily a champion in their chosen field.

Mars in Aries lives their truth, their ego to the fullest – I AM – is the Aries motto.  Mars in its ruling sign has a refreshing simplicity, a singular purpose evident in the primal drive to always move forward and push ahead.  Aries rules the head – they are known for (head) butting in and impatiently bulldozing through obstacles – if you are too slow, this obstacle is you.

This placement of Mars has superpowers of bravery and independent thinking which allows them to ascertain the crux of a situation quickly – particularly those situations which require fast action.  For this reason, strong Mars placements are found in the natal charts of firefighters, police, athletes, soldiers, boxers, etc…

The downside of Mars in Aries is impatience and a lack of emotional empathy for those who do not share their perspective.  They can be too quick to anger and blow a fuse and less than understanding when others do not as easily forgive and move on to the next prize as they do.  The chase is all important to Aries Mars, so applying focus over the long term requires diligence in addition to enthusiasm.

Let’s Rock ‘N’ Roll
Gneiss Moon


Cover for Great Science Fiction by Scientists – Don Ivan Punchatz

Mars is closing in on Uranus in Aries, expect an influx of new energy with this conjunction:  You have mail ! bolt out of the blue due near 17th – 22nd.  If you have Mars, Uranus or Pluto prominent – you will likely feel it earlier, rather than later.
Mars rules Aries -> powering desires into forward thrust – the NEED to ACHIEVE is in high gear.  Instincts are in the lead – the race is ON.  

With this conjunction comes the square to Pluto in Capricorn.
Awakening delivers Metamorphosis

Death means change of form.  It is inevitable and it is happening every minute.  You are not the same person you were a minute ago.  A part of you is already dead and a part is being born. 
-Sri Swami Satchidananda

Change-ups imminent: work, men, desired goals, action plans, self-discipline, independence, brainstorms, revolutionary solutions and innovations, to name a few.

Be cautious with machinery, blades, words (conjunction sextiles expansive Jupiter in Mercury- ruled Gemini) impulses and crazy risks.

Calculated risks ok.  
Going off half-cocked, NO.

Early Cardinals (7-11 degrees) will be feeling this one !
Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.
Houses Gemini and Aquarius are where the opportunities are RIPE.
Aries and Capricorn (and Cancer) go head to head – grinding the gears – forcing change on the internal landscape.
Libra, someone is on your doorstep forcing change via peace talks.

Pluto is the higher octave of Mars – personal desire for metamorphosis PRIMO

Quickie read for insight re: Mars conjunct Uranus, results bringing highest outcome for all.

25 Discontinuous Proportion (Mars conjunct Uranus)
Patterns and webs that connect us to one another may be hidden at this time.  Subtle energies are at play that indicate that something small may actually be the key to the entire puzzle.  Consider Uranus is the energetic connection between all life, Mars the drive that propels us forward into our evolution.  The lesson will come from the blind side.  Uranus indicates unpredictable radical shifts – a lightning bolt from the blue.

Heaven meets earth – ether meets matter.
Personal Will meets Intuitive Invention.

27 The Golden Proportion (Spirit card, or crux)
Underlying harmony in the situation, relating to all things in a consistent manner.  Hypercontinuous proportion of the natural world.  Find the harmony within yourself and it will radiate outward to all life.  Start small and become greater; heal yourself first, then assist others. Order in chaos.



Morning all
After I responded to a comment from Cyn this morning, I looked further into the card in yesterday’s read and I had my answer. 

Jupiter and Sag rule hunters / hunting; note: bow.  Jupes is the traditional ruler of 12th.  Mars is the weapon, Jupiter/ Sagittarius are SEEING

“Advice from an old tracker. You wanna find someone, use your eyes.”
– Malcom Reynolds

Hunting requires stealth (Neptune/Pisces) and knowledge of where to look.  Many humans have sadly have lost the ability to actively hunt.  

By that I mean we have lost our chops – our SEEING skills are lax.  Humans hunt via teevee tater remote, grocery store packaged food, google search (which hashes up a repeat based on what you have searched previously), it goes on and on the ways we have lost critical thinking / SEEING abilities.
People of the world – take the opportunity to write your own life story, to HUNT up your own (spiritual) truth rather than accept what the media or corporate types  desperately dish up – brainwash – hoping we believe. 


Second card was the answer to this question:
Where do we start when we don’t know how to start, or even where to begin ?

Indicates new moon energy, universal law, high spiritual knowledge and power.  Our Sun is a star, our closest – it symbolizes the heart, creativity and WILLPOWER.


Find what feels good and positive for you, and follow that path.  Create and begin anew, every moment of every day is a chance to do so.
Follow where your heart leads you. 
If it feels good and harm none – go for it ! 

Trust your instincts.
Start small if you have to, wake up and do one good thing.

If you wake up thinking wtf am I doing ? 
Stop. Quit doing it and HUNT up a new trail, better yet – blaze a NEW ONE.

Your heart is your inner compass, it will steer you true.


moving between worlds

Hello everyone, thanks for your patience while I have been under the weather.
This is a quickie read from The Wild Wood Tarot deck for Mars into Aries.
Intent: clarity, insight for highest good of all.

Tuesday 12th
Mars into Aries

1:26am CST, USA

Moon into Aries

Mars rules Aries; is super strong and hot to trot – he begins to power UP the wattage when moving to conjunct Uranus in Aries at 7 degrees.  Uranus squares Pluto at 11 Capricorn, so expect some extra energy coming your way.
 If you have been feeling a bit low energy, this will help kick start the power.

Also note the square between super powers Uranus and Pluto are calling for change.  Use this to your advantage – clear energies and projects that have been stalled, brainstorm and be innovative !  This will likely bring surprising news your way…more on that later.

Energies strong in houses Aries and Capricorn – though all Cardinal signs will be feeling an upthrust of energies.

Page of Vessels = Mars (pioneer)

Otter moves easily between water or emotive worlds; and the world of land, material achievement and progress.  This card refers to fair play, service, loyalty and devotion.
Mars having spent time with seven planets in Pisces and followed by Moon brings with him the emotional knowledge and understanding of the cosmos.

King of Arrows = Uranus (awakener)

Kingfisher moves easily between water or emotive worlds; and the world of air, communication and thought.  This card indicates a mindfulness of thought, intelligence born of cosmic intuition.   Emotional strength meets ideas, flying free.  Humanitarian ideals born of the heartbeat of the collective, power an internal compass set to progress and evolve. Strategize how to best move forward: heart and head acting together.

Nine of Bows = Pluto (metamorphosis)

Respect for the heart of the sacred quest we all make.  The path is full of dangers – have respect for the process of life, death, and re-birth.  The seeker must be alert, and humble before the powers of the great spirit – learning is born of experience on the sacred journey.  Be better rather than bitter, self-discipline in the face of desires strengthens the spirit.

The only constant is change, bend rather than break.