Morning all
After I responded to a comment from Cyn this morning, I looked further into the card in yesterday’s read and I had my answer. 

Jupiter and Sag rule hunters / hunting; note: bow.  Jupes is the traditional ruler of 12th.  Mars is the weapon, Jupiter/ Sagittarius are SEEING

“Advice from an old tracker. You wanna find someone, use your eyes.”
– Malcom Reynolds

Hunting requires stealth (Neptune/Pisces) and knowledge of where to look.  Many humans have sadly have lost the ability to actively hunt.  

By that I mean we have lost our chops – our SEEING skills are lax.  Humans hunt via teevee tater remote, grocery store packaged food, google search (which hashes up a repeat based on what you have searched previously), it goes on and on the ways we have lost critical thinking / SEEING abilities.
People of the world – take the opportunity to write your own life story, to HUNT up your own (spiritual) truth rather than accept what the media or corporate types  desperately dish up – brainwash – hoping we believe. 


Second card was the answer to this question:
Where do we start when we don’t know how to start, or even where to begin ?

Indicates new moon energy, universal law, high spiritual knowledge and power.  Our Sun is a star, our closest – it symbolizes the heart, creativity and WILLPOWER.


Find what feels good and positive for you, and follow that path.  Create and begin anew, every moment of every day is a chance to do so.
Follow where your heart leads you. 
If it feels good and harm none – go for it ! 

Trust your instincts.
Start small if you have to, wake up and do one good thing.

If you wake up thinking wtf am I doing ? 
Stop. Quit doing it and HUNT up a new trail, better yet – blaze a NEW ONE.

Your heart is your inner compass, it will steer you true.