Asleep at the Wheel


Life is always sending them up when we least expect it.
That’s what squares are, what they feel like.

Squares are several lifetimes of bad habits come back to bite.
Cardinal squares are resolved through taking the lead, getting your game ON.
Fixed squares are roadblocks – ingrained, must give up self – will and surrender control.
Mutable squares are detours – energy can switch hit, easier to redeem.

I have fixed squares: Scorp Neptuner square Venus /Jupes in Leo 8
::: Nobody touches my feet, takes my picture, tells me how to divine and/or heal, or what I believe. :::  You get the idea.  I have been delivered some surprising lessons in these houses, lemme tell ya.

Through a series of healing sessions with various friends I have found I have the ability to envelope clients in a pocket of zen.  Relaxation ensues, delta waves take over where I left off, healing begins subconsciously.  Fantastic.

Interestingly enough, I have trouble being hypnotized – unless I feel I am in control.  In these healing sessions my self-will is in The Zone.  I feel I AM ONE with the cosmos – using The Force in order to initiate balanced energy flow in another.  

When I am healing, I feel energized afterwards.
When I am sending meditation vibes, I can barely keep my eyes open after the session.

In essence I am doing light self-hypnosis, (Neptune Rules) and reaching primo zen states.
Energy goes both ways  ::: the healer is also healed.

This has been far more enlightening than any meditation  – up to this point.
I have Mars by the backdoor – I have to be actively doing something in order for Mars to relax into Neptune.

Interesting, huh ?
Seeing is believing
The lesson is not always found where you are looking
Be open to detours, be like water

peace out