Let’s Rock ‘N’ Roll !

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Mars rules Aries !  Spontaneous bursts of outbound fire energy and impulsive decisions are hot to trot with this Mars.  No Waiting !!

Mars here is courageous and protective, they are masters of their own destiny: determined to be first, fastest, strongest, best.  Thinking and mulling things over is not the forte of Mars in Aries >>> fast results, aggression, power and getting passionately physical – pronto – is.

Aries Mars is eager to achieve, a creative leader who cheerleads kindred with vim and vigor – what are you waiting for ?! They need to take the initiative, they need action/sport/competition in order to thrive.  This Mars lives on stimulation, they are formidable fighters – channelled correctly, this placement of Mars is easily a champion in their chosen field.

Mars in Aries lives their truth, their ego to the fullest – I AM – is the Aries motto.  Mars in its ruling sign has a refreshing simplicity, a singular purpose evident in the primal drive to always move forward and push ahead.  Aries rules the head – they are known for (head) butting in and impatiently bulldozing through obstacles – if you are too slow, this obstacle is you.

This placement of Mars has superpowers of bravery and independent thinking which allows them to ascertain the crux of a situation quickly – particularly those situations which require fast action.  For this reason, strong Mars placements are found in the natal charts of firefighters, police, athletes, soldiers, boxers, etc…

The downside of Mars in Aries is impatience and a lack of emotional empathy for those who do not share their perspective.  They can be too quick to anger and blow a fuse and less than understanding when others do not as easily forgive and move on to the next prize as they do.  The chase is all important to Aries Mars, so applying focus over the long term requires diligence in addition to enthusiasm.

Let’s Rock ‘N’ Roll
Gneiss Moon

2 thoughts on “Let’s Rock ‘N’ Roll !

  1. My natal Mars is at 0 Aries in the 12th house, with transiting Mars and Venus conjunct right now. It does make me feel confident and capable, but I think Venus is soothing the combative nature of Mars conjunct Mars. Also, I feel very randy!

    • HA !
      I know just what you mean, and we haven’t even made the jump into fire yet !
      Venus/Mars in Aries will trine my Sag Mars + I already feel it, out of sign or no, new moon/new altitude… Finally !
      Enjoy it, I know I will.
      Cheers !

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