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Sun, Neptune, Chiron, Moon, Venus in Pisces is an artistic, emotive, sensitive, spiritual sponge. Fresh Mars in Aries will be followed by Venus in roughly 3.5 hours 2:05pm Chicago.  Pisces Moon goes into Aries in roughly 6 hours at 5:13pm Chicago time.

Mars and Uranus (trine biggie-size Jupiter) in Aries are hot to trot & wild to the hilt !  Venus + Moon into Aries in hours accentuates fire !
The fine arts of love and war and peace.
Fine time to crack out the intellect before lighting fires hither and yon.  Mercury is exalted in Aquarius – use it !

Hi Qi Quick draw for current aspects: 6 Cups : Balance within flux

Sanctuary of the familiar, feeling free to be yourself.  Kindness, compassion and sharing with kindred.  Relax … use insights gleaned in order to align with your best future.
Simple pleasures and gratitude for each moment.
Past, Present and Future.

Gneiss Moon