Ardent & Audacious

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Aries Mars conjunct Uranus >> incoming – exact in five days.

Mars conjunct Uranus drives the wheels of change and innovation into ultra radical high gear.  High octane blast offs behind the wizard of weird manifests in remarkable originality and free thinking backed by tremendous passion.

Unpredictable outbound energy is the hallmark of this aspect.

Mars conjunct Uranus is wildly courageous, bold and headstrong – contrary even.  This team is leading the way come hell or high water, they will not be stopped, corralled or worse yet – managed.  

Fiercely independent, they are extreme in whatever they choose to throw their energies into, no one will convince them otherwise.  Forward actions & fixed mindsets are all over the shop.

Willpower, thought processes aka altitude attunement is of utmost importance, for getting the head straight prior makes all the difference in how the game is played.  Mars conjunct Uranus has incredible wild instincts and KNOWS how to react to social situations no matter how odd the crisis or sitch.  They jump right in without thinking, this is an aspect of action/reaction for better/worse.

This combo points directly to humanitarian interests, they are often spoiling for a good cause/fight to rally behind.  These intelligent reformers are audacious and ardent with the ability to view life with a detached objectivity, making them very perceptive champions in a pinch.

Mars conjunct Uranus signals a strong-willed, domineering competitor who is not only intuitive, inventive and clever but also packed with stamina for the long haul.  They are rebellious, resourceful and highly focused.

Gneiss Moon 

Mindfully, magickally, metamorphose.


Hello from the waiting room . . .
Needed an impromptu break for more than one reason, illness being one of them. Feeling better today, back in the game.  Thank you to those who have eased my mind by checking in on me, you know who you are.  I am grateful and I love you.

Moon into Cancer
1:55pm CST,USA

Sun into Aries
Wednesday 6:02am

Moon moves into Cancer bringing a trine to Mercury / Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio – in 23 hours we will be feeling a grand water trine with Moon and Pluto as opposites in a kite.

Emotional revelations / renovations loom on the horizon.

This is particularly true as Sun moves into Aries to join the explosive Mars / Uranus conjunction.  This conjunction creates the apex of a T-square between Cancer Moon and Pluto creating an obstacle – be like water, flow with it.

Cancer Moon is ultra sensitive, so be aware internal defenses will be High Full Shield Red Alert.  Family (particularly Mother), home, female, or public dealings are going to need attention.

Authority, men, work and long-standing power issues are coming into sharp focus, delivering the promise of metamorphosis and rebirth.  Cardinal signs be alert !  Any natal planets making an appearance in the early (up to 12) degrees will be feeling this aspect strongly.

Quick read from the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud for snap insight bringing most benevolent outcome for all.

ok, wow. 
Soul Shrinker – that speaks of Pluto in Cap opp Moon, yah ?
Constructive criticism is helpful – cruel, deliberately malicious communications are not.
Mercury just backed off Neptune, and turned direct to meet Chiron making wounds and healing the thoughts of the day.  Mend fences, build bridges and be kind.  Things to keep in mind as Mars wants to set off knee-jerk Uranus at any mo.

Spirit card: Lys of the Shadows
She is a trench wench, stuck in the mud with you, giving you a hand up – – she inspires. She helps you take the first shaky steps to re-building self-esteem, self-respect and self-actualization.
Be open to receive the gifts of those who are willing to help.
Mindfully, magickally, metamorphose.



Cover for Great Science Fiction by Scientists – Don Ivan Punchatz

Mars is closing in on Uranus in Aries, expect an influx of new energy with this conjunction:  You have mail ! bolt out of the blue due near 17th – 22nd.  If you have Mars, Uranus or Pluto prominent – you will likely feel it earlier, rather than later.
Mars rules Aries -> powering desires into forward thrust – the NEED to ACHIEVE is in high gear.  Instincts are in the lead – the race is ON.  

With this conjunction comes the square to Pluto in Capricorn.
Awakening delivers Metamorphosis

Death means change of form.  It is inevitable and it is happening every minute.  You are not the same person you were a minute ago.  A part of you is already dead and a part is being born. 
-Sri Swami Satchidananda

Change-ups imminent: work, men, desired goals, action plans, self-discipline, independence, brainstorms, revolutionary solutions and innovations, to name a few.

Be cautious with machinery, blades, words (conjunction sextiles expansive Jupiter in Mercury- ruled Gemini) impulses and crazy risks.

Calculated risks ok.  
Going off half-cocked, NO.

Early Cardinals (7-11 degrees) will be feeling this one !
Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.
Houses Gemini and Aquarius are where the opportunities are RIPE.
Aries and Capricorn (and Cancer) go head to head – grinding the gears – forcing change on the internal landscape.
Libra, someone is on your doorstep forcing change via peace talks.

Pluto is the higher octave of Mars – personal desire for metamorphosis PRIMO

Quickie read for insight re: Mars conjunct Uranus, results bringing highest outcome for all.

25 Discontinuous Proportion (Mars conjunct Uranus)
Patterns and webs that connect us to one another may be hidden at this time.  Subtle energies are at play that indicate that something small may actually be the key to the entire puzzle.  Consider Uranus is the energetic connection between all life, Mars the drive that propels us forward into our evolution.  The lesson will come from the blind side.  Uranus indicates unpredictable radical shifts – a lightning bolt from the blue.

Heaven meets earth – ether meets matter.
Personal Will meets Intuitive Invention.

27 The Golden Proportion (Spirit card, or crux)
Underlying harmony in the situation, relating to all things in a consistent manner.  Hypercontinuous proportion of the natural world.  Find the harmony within yourself and it will radiate outward to all life.  Start small and become greater; heal yourself first, then assist others. Order in chaos.