Ardent & Audacious

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Aries Mars conjunct Uranus >> incoming – exact in five days.

Mars conjunct Uranus drives the wheels of change and innovation into ultra radical high gear.  High octane blast offs behind the wizard of weird manifests in remarkable originality and free thinking backed by tremendous passion.

Unpredictable outbound energy is the hallmark of this aspect.

Mars conjunct Uranus is wildly courageous, bold and headstrong – contrary even.  This team is leading the way come hell or high water, they will not be stopped, corralled or worse yet – managed.  

Fiercely independent, they are extreme in whatever they choose to throw their energies into, no one will convince them otherwise.  Forward actions & fixed mindsets are all over the shop.

Willpower, thought processes aka altitude attunement is of utmost importance, for getting the head straight prior makes all the difference in how the game is played.  Mars conjunct Uranus has incredible wild instincts and KNOWS how to react to social situations no matter how odd the crisis or sitch.  They jump right in without thinking, this is an aspect of action/reaction for better/worse.

This combo points directly to humanitarian interests, they are often spoiling for a good cause/fight to rally behind.  These intelligent reformers are audacious and ardent with the ability to view life with a detached objectivity, making them very perceptive champions in a pinch.

Mars conjunct Uranus signals a strong-willed, domineering competitor who is not only intuitive, inventive and clever but also packed with stamina for the long haul.  They are rebellious, resourceful and highly focused.

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Wojtek Siudmak - Energy
Wojtek Siudmak Energy

Mars in Aquarius is a magnetic provocateur due to the influence of Uranus.  They attract as often as they repel, demonstrating both  reclusive rebellion and global alliance.  At once the loner and the team player, the force of Mars is applied intellectually – they are very forward, futuristic thinkers.  Telekinesis anyone ?

Mars in the sign of knowing has keen instincts – a wilding way, free and untamed – animalistic action/reaction is a given.  Ideas are powerful, sudden and likely to change in a flash.  Mars in this sign will surprise you with unique insight, left-field ideas and concepts that are just crazy enough to fly.

Mars Aquarius is yang/yang positive, yes – but erratic, unpredictable.  They are in their heads in the aether where inspiration strikes waiting to ground.  This Mars is an intellectual operative: seduce their brain, appeal to their intellect, surprise them and you will find their sweet spot.

They can be high-strung, often running full throttle or completely drained.  Cultivate calm zen space, down times and quiet for the brain to disengage/recharge and this Mars will run like a top.  Acupuncture, energy work suits this placement and offers tremendous health benefits for the nervous system.  

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