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Mars in Aquarius is a magnetic provocateur due to the influence of Uranus.  They attract as often as they repel, demonstrating both  reclusive rebellion and global alliance.  At once the loner and the team player, the force of Mars is applied intellectually – they are very forward, futuristic thinkers.  Telekinesis anyone ?

Mars in the sign of knowing has keen instincts – a wilding way, free and untamed – animalistic action/reaction is a given.  Ideas are powerful, sudden and likely to change in a flash.  Mars in this sign will surprise you with unique insight, left-field ideas and concepts that are just crazy enough to fly.

Mars Aquarius is yang/yang positive, yes – but erratic, unpredictable.  They are in their heads in the aether where inspiration strikes waiting to ground.  This Mars is an intellectual operative: seduce their brain, appeal to their intellect, surprise them and you will find their sweet spot.

They can be high-strung, often running full throttle or completely drained.  Cultivate calm zen space, down times and quiet for the brain to disengage/recharge and this Mars will run like a top.  Acupuncture, energy work suits this placement and offers tremendous health benefits for the nervous system.  

Gneiss Moon

Lofty metamorphics

I’ve been doing lots of brainstorming about the environment.
I have changed my personal habits to become more ecologically sound.
I buy local and organic, eat clean (no boxes), am boycotting palm oil, the list goes on.

The world economic infrastructure cannot sustain itself and life on this planet.

The Uranus Pluto square, is forcing the issue – the ideals born during the late 1960’s  Uranus Pluto conjunction are no longer workable on the material plane  – the global economic system is broken – it needs to be stripped down, overhauled with a keen eye toward balancing both ECONOMY and ECOLOGY. 

We are fighting nuclear leaks and waste in the water, poisons leaching into the soil, trash washing up on our shores, toxic oil spills, Indonesian rainforests are being leveled for cardboard take out boxes – making tigers nearly extinct in the process.  Our food is laden with chemicals and entire families of elephants are slaughtered for ivory trinkets.

Earthkind is dying, we are killing our planet, life on it, and animals are choking on our convenient trash.  I can’t sleep nights thinking about the state of our home.

Surfrider here (clean H20, trash surfboards)

The wheel of life is turning like the gears of a cosmic clock – ever-changing, always pushing us to evolve into a higher state of vibration.  Humans need a keen eye and quick mind to find long-term solutions for our Mother, Earth.  Gaia.
Leo Moon (Mother, Home) opposes Sun, Mercury, Mars all in Aquarian Air.

Science and progress (Aqua Sun and Mercury) move forward with an eye towards the past (they square Saturn in Scorpio) blazing trails of optimism, re-thinking the future (they trine Jupiter Rx in Gemini – also Air) how to heal our seas, ourselves and our planet as a whole (Jup Rx square to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces).

Jupiter direct
6 degrees Gemini
January 30

5:37am CST, USA

Jupiter goes direct in square to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.
The energies of healers, philosophers and teachers – will shift into forward gear.

Square is an obstacle, we must work to change it – internal change.
I change, you change, we all have to change.
 Our ‘throw away’ culture is based on a corporate lie – there is no AWAY.

Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota)  We are all related.

Jupiter can lead us into the future with HOPE, we can stop this.  NOW.
I was inspired to write this windy SCIENCE / AIR post because of this:

Japan’s Agency for Natural Resources and Energy has announced plans to build the  world’s largest offshore wind farm near Fukushima as part of plans to reconstruct the area stricken by nuclear disaster in 2011. 

Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm

If you would like more deets re: wind farms, my friend earthstonestation has done the research, you find links to his wind farm pages below. 

Wind Farm Cons 1
part 2
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Parrot astrology

Parrot astrology & fortunes.

I found this the other day when I posted about parrot totems.
Found in Tamil Nadu, India and Singapore.
Bird is actually most often a parakeet.

The bird draws from 27 cards, with images of a Hindu deity,
Buddha or Virgin Mary with Infant Jesus.

Not fond of caged birds myself, but in the interest of awareness, I post.
Uranus is the weird bird astrology planet, after all.

Online Kili Josiyam


Tuesday December 25
Moon into Gemini 1:13am CST,USA
Mars into Aquarius 6:49am

Happy Merry everyone !
Yesterday I said ‘breaking of Jupiter’ how true that turned out – crazed kids chasing each other all over the house – no breakage.  Enter one klutzy Sag Mars (me) and I pitch over a table and accidentally behead a bunch of nativity (religious – Jupiter) figurines.  (transit Mars square natal 4, Mom home)  oy. sheesh. sorry. The irony does not escape me here.

Mars in Aquarius is tres cerebral – effortlessly popping mental gymnastics that would joggle other brains loose is their forte.  Freedom of intellectual pursuits is a must, they are socially adept; frequently changeable – subject to polarities in action  – this Mars can run hot and cold in a SNAP.

Ideas flop into the brainpan from the higher realms in a flash, personal energies are electric and magnetic.  Relentless pursuit of goals and aspirations, blade is sharp, quick.  This Mars is Positive Plus – outgoing, strong activism, bohemian energies rush outward 24/8.  Tendency towards being high – strung, needs to cultivate some form of zen maintenance to ground flighty energies.

Innovative, radical behavior that turns heads and makes waves in the energy field of all humanity – ? – very likely.  Power can turn on a dime – periods of great outward activity followed by quiet unreadable introspection. 

Brains of Mars Aquarius peeps are silently ticking away, they have a quiet reserve, which can be a fooler – architectural whizBANG genius space / time constructs are going on behind those eyes.  They are naturally intuitive, adept at reading subtle body language cues – they are passionate about what they KNOW.

Desire nature can be switched on/off like a light; great passion followed by aloof detachment is common.  Desires a brilliant mental sparring partner.  Although fixed Aquarius tends toward loyalty – Aquarius Mars needs absolute freedom of choice to remain happy.

Mars in Aquarius often needs to cultivate patience, reliability, expressing the heart and walking the middle path.


Renaissance point

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was an amazing Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer.  and that is just scratching the surface…

He conceptualized a helicopter, a tank, concentrated solar power, a calculator, the double hull and outlined a rudimentary theory of plate tectonics, and drew one of the first scientific drawings of a fetus in utero. (wiki)

Taurus Sun with Toro Venus in applying trine to Neptune in Libra at MC, genius creative expression !  Sagittarius rising – expressive and expansive – Jupiter is in Pisces 3rd of learning conjunct Moon.

Aquarius Mars trine Saturn exalted in Libra 10th: Leonardo was an idea machine – invent, conceptualize, research, sketch, design and build futuristic machinery.

The illustration below seemed appropriate for the Uranus, Pluto, Venus T-square.
Freaky drawing of coffin contraption with gyroscope !  ?
Dunno, is weird and fascinating whatever it is.

Eighth house Pluto and Uranus – highly observant – he learned anatomy in detail through dissecting cadavers (Venus quintile Pluto).  He drew detailed bone studies, and the pregnancy drawing you see above, as well as detailed drawings of architecture, water devices, animals, faces of rage, deformities, and machines of his own design.

Saturn in 10 wants to know how everything works, Neptune at MC absorbs the world like a sponge.  Neptune and Saturn in 10 are both opposite Aries Mercury in 4. Mercury trines Leo Pluto – he certainly changed the world through creative expression.

Curiously, most of Leonardo’s writings are in mirror-image cursive, perhaps it was easier because he was left-handed, or maybe it was for reasons of secrecy, perhaps both, no one knows.

As you can see, his drawings and sketches were extremely detailed and highly researched – Virgo precision at MC and Aries Mercury in trine to Pluto in Leo.

The animation above delineates the sacred geometry of the golden rectangle, which is more easily seen in colored portions below.

Da Vinci and others (including the architect Palladio) helped to revive this knowledge of sacred geometry and its application after the so-called “Dark Ages.”

Apart from the monks in Ireland, most of the older knowledge was preserved by Arabic culture that translated older Greek and Roman works into Arabic. These works were retranslated back into Latin and other European languages by scholars working in cross-cultural universities in renaissance Spain.

Study on the proportions of head and eyes

You can see above the geometry da Vinci applied to sketching human faces.  Obviously mirror image writing and building with polarities (Uranus sextile Venus in 6th) appealed with Mars in Aquarius in trine to Saturn in the tenth of achievement.

This mathematical precision (sacred geometry) is applied to Mona Lisa below, I am sure there is another for the Last Supper floating around as well.  I will look, pop into comments.

Which brings me to the point of this post. 
Mercury is numbers, counting, perceptions.
Saturn is mathematics.

(traditional ruler of the fixed sign Aquarius)
is form and matter – the building blocks – earth plane..

Uranus is the higher octave of numbers, counting and perceptions.

Uranus is spirals.
The geometric electrical energy grid that connects all life on earth.

Which leads me to believe Uranus rules sacred geometry as well as Saturn.

Thoughts . . .?

A fun morph.

Leonardo is asteroid 3000.
Da Vinci has it exact conjunct North Node in Capricorn.

Consider Leonardo your renaissance point !

Currently Leonardo is at 10 Cancer.
Dark Moon in Cancer is at 10 degrees as I write this !
Interesting it is dovetailing into the renaissance T- Square Action, yes ?
Venus will soon follow to conjunct – she is at 6 Cancer.

Just in case I haven’t pitched you enough science yet…
If you want some
to chew on awhile – here’s a porterhouse steak, pack a blade – it’s a biggie !