You Know . . .

rose-leslie-game-of-thrones-6Rose Leslie as Ygritte, Game of Thrones

A bit of mini interp prior to Full Leo Moon conjunct Jupiter stuff…

Rose is an Aquarius with Jupiter (traditional ruler) in Pisces in exact square to Uranus in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius (the archer) is ruled by Jupiter; Pisces rules film as well as what lies beyond.  Rose is either a late Gemini or early Cancer Moon – making Jupiter focal planet of a(n out of sign possibly) T-square with Moon opposing either Uranus/Saturn in Sag or Venus/Neptune in Capricorn.

Pisces Jupiter is sensitive, enthusiastic – while square Sagittarius Uranus, wildly unpredictable – gypsy spirit emotional consciousness, seeing/knowing keen: scout. 
If Moon is in Gemini: think/hear it coming; Moon in Cancer: gut/feel it coming. Pisces Mercury tends towards transcendent thinking, daydreams – senses of thinking and feeling are tightly woven.

In tandem with Aquarius Sun, boho individualism is strong, rebellious, while Venus and Neptune in Capricorn shore up love/work structure, goalsets and practicality.  Values earth, time, place, emotional roots, the past.  Mars in Aries (ruling) is gutsy, brave and independent; adventurous and hard-working when trine Uranus/Saturn in Sagittarius.

I see now why her performance moved me to tears at the end of last season.  Actions screamed, yet volumes remained silently unspoken.  Exquisite, truly.  Astrologically, Rose’s late Sag trines my Leo Venus Jupiter & her Venus is on my ASC.  Ygritte is a tough girl on the outside, but sensitive on the inside.  I get that – more than I’d like to admit.  How perfect the line and the fact Rose is an Aquarius, yes ?  Brilliant.

ygritte-bow-and-arrow-game-of-thrones-1February 3
Full Moon 14 Leo
5:09pm Chicago

Full Leo Moon opposite Aquarius Sun delivers news via culmination in house Leo.  In conjunction with Jupiter Rx we have more feelings, more drama, more flair, a dash of luck and lots of learning – retrogrades explore interior landscapes – with Full Moon, lush emotional landscapes.  While Jupiter travels Rx in Leo: we learn about ourselves, our creativity, our heart space and the s/hero within.  What leads you to Rise out of bed in the morning with a song in your heart ?  This Moon points you right to it !  This moon clears the space + opens the door of the heart so you can more easily see/know.

1 Internal (Mercury/Jupiter Retrograde)
2 External – as Mercury goes direct mid-February, the last Uranus/Pluto square perfects mid-March, Jupiter goes direct mid-April

While feelings are in opposition to Sun we see/feel the peace talks and likely a rebalancing of emotions and an emotional detachment/ release from what no longer serves us.  Leo is all about me Me ME and how the individual spirit needs to be expressed.  To feel joy, we must feel we have PURPOSE.

Sun in Aquarius thinks globally – yet we are individuals within the global energetic etheric field.  We must first suss out personal issues before we can offer the world our highest vibration.  So it is.

Uranus is square Pluto with last exact on the way mid-March.
03 17 2015 Aries Uranus & Capricorn Pluto both Direct – 15 degrees
This full moon at 14 Leo trine Uranus activates our entrance into positive (forward) growth via:
1 internal visualization.
2 Elbow grease.
Hallelujah !

Many have been releasing, purging, surrendering and letting go … all the while, new structures have been slowly taking form.  Sagittarius Saturn square Neptune at full Moon accentuates the place of emotional friction between what we feel we are capable of and what we are actually seeing unfold at. this. point.  Both are flexible, mutable and working – building the dream straight from emotional visualization.
Have faith in yourself and in others.

Be positive, light of heart – focused and specific.
Seek wisdom inside yourself, your path is yours and your alone.
Make it know.
Gneiss Moon


cub THe rainforest siteThe Rainforest Site

New Moon 3 degrees Leo conjunct Jupiter in Leo !
Saturday 26
5:42pm Chicago
New Moon in Leo in the decan of Sun signals fresh starts in that house for you (my 8th) with a kick of WoW factor on the side as they all square Mars freshly into Scorpio in the decan of Pluto. Mars is the Ancient/traditional ruler of Scorpio, the blade is sharp and swift here, unlike diplomatic Libra.

First decans of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius are feeling new emotional harmony, while the first decans of Leo and Scorpio work the obstacle course, they make inner changes.   Early Gemini and Libra experience opportunities for creative self-expression.

With New Moon in Leo – Sun/Moon, Mars/ Pluto are involved: emotional energy and power are growing.

Spellwork that involves creativity, attracting romance (read: make yourself more desirable, not force others) vooshing UP personal charisma and shining brighter, as well as attracting good luck in fresh new ventures is primo.  Leo is fixed and spellwork lasts when done under this sign of the moon.

In tandem with Jupiter, we get the quality of expansion alongside – think more education, growth of personal philosophies through cultural study or going on tour, traveling long-distance, and also HOPE.  The one thing left in Pandora’s box.

General New Moon energy work & clearing are under Energy SNAP.
Using the energies of Sun & Pluto are under Bending WILLpower.


Big Hand

Jupiter optic
Chill vibe soOo groovy this am and much needed.
Woke up for a twirl in my jammies – fuq this is more like IT.

Honestly – feels like Jupiter turned retro just to extend a hand to get me the hell out of Scorpio Swamp hell a bit early – sweeeeeet. !

Moon saddles up beside Jupiter in Cancer (ruling and exalted in house Cancer, in that order) trine Scorpio North Node, Mercury and Saturn as the day wears on.
Out of the emotional vice for a bit of fun & frolic ? YES

Sun into Sagittarius
9:48pm CST, USA

Four am Grand Tableau cracked me right up !
Bear on Rider, Heart on Ship, Rider on Coffin, Sun on Key
Cut to the chase in pictorial form: This scene sucks, let’s split !

Sun into Sag brings a square to Neptuner and Chiron but also a trine to Uranus in fire.  Burn through the fog, baby. 
Set intent to high qi idealism, inspired creativity, charity – JEDI.
Courage, optimism and faith WahoOooOo !

Ramble on

Gem Gems

Isn’t she lovely ?!

Jupiter Rx in Gem squares Chiron in Pisces.
Retrograde indicates internal overhauls.

Gemini and Jupes are thinkers, teachers.
Scattering thought seeds near and far, respectively.
This square indicates bigtime growth is at hand, literally.
Gemini rules hands; Jupiter, biggie sizes.

Chiron is how we work to heal our own wounds.
Through pain, study and accessing the sitch,
getting philosophical – seeing the dualities
we heal others / self through service to the whole.

Aquarius Sun & Mercury trine Jupiter Rx in Gemini.

* AIR in the spotlight *
Socializing, thinking, speaking.

What we SEE
is going backwards in the house of
what we THINK.
Juggling energies, changing viewpoints.

What we KNOW is fixed in Aquarius.
Mercury leads Sun – thinking before ego.
Mercury is the trickster
as is Gemini.

Keep in mind – Uranus is
higher octave thought – intuition
in the house of I AM competition
and it is square
metamorphosis on the earth plane.

Where Mercury tricks may be predictable
Uranus – no way
that one’s coming at the blind side

Be aware Mercury and Sun
are heading into a square
with Saturnian restriction.
Thought funnel.
I was

Saturn Rx in 3rd here.
It just means focus, getting practical, self-discipline.

Heads UP
we are nearing
FULL MOON 7 degrees LEO
Saturday January 26 10:38pm CST, USA

Saturn will be focal point of a T-square
Sun / Mercury and Full Moon opposite
re-read focus, funnel etc.. above

Leo likes a fair bit of Fun & Games
ego stroking too
Fixity fixed. Immovable.
As in thud.   MOUNTAIN.   Go around.

:: note ::
Venus is best put to use on
Work Innovations & Creativity
during this Full Moon.

:: ditto Neptune ::

Late Aquarius Mars will conjunct (out of sign) Neptune
this could equal high-end creativity
low-end delusional dial a dork
choices !

Neptune closes the square with Jupiter Rx.
Thinking, seeing can be skewed.
Subconscious has the home court advantage.
Full Moon word vomits likely.
Just sayin’…
Fair warning.

creativity with art – journeying in the journal
Social scene ?
May wanna rein it in a bit.
Think Twice.
Speak Once.

just what I needed

Hi all
(another ? – ha)
   self indulgent Moon music post


Life works out oddly for me
I search and search and cannot find
   then all of a sudden


There it IS.
Tears came when I heard
my all time faves

Goddess bless YouTube
forevah Amen

om mani padme hum
Taurus rules the throat

   Robin’s exalted Toro Moon is conjunct Jupiter
the voice
   I have been wantingWantingWANTING video of this very song
since the show

Now for my girls
   This is not the version from the picture disc I own
THIS is the version
   from the album that was pulled
Ann has Venus in Taurus (rules)
Venus quintile Jupiter
the voice

peace love music & astrology

Renaissance point

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was an amazing Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer.  and that is just scratching the surface…

He conceptualized a helicopter, a tank, concentrated solar power, a calculator, the double hull and outlined a rudimentary theory of plate tectonics, and drew one of the first scientific drawings of a fetus in utero. (wiki)

Taurus Sun with Toro Venus in applying trine to Neptune in Libra at MC, genius creative expression !  Sagittarius rising – expressive and expansive – Jupiter is in Pisces 3rd of learning conjunct Moon.

Aquarius Mars trine Saturn exalted in Libra 10th: Leonardo was an idea machine – invent, conceptualize, research, sketch, design and build futuristic machinery.

The illustration below seemed appropriate for the Uranus, Pluto, Venus T-square.
Freaky drawing of coffin contraption with gyroscope !  ?
Dunno, is weird and fascinating whatever it is.

Eighth house Pluto and Uranus – highly observant – he learned anatomy in detail through dissecting cadavers (Venus quintile Pluto).  He drew detailed bone studies, and the pregnancy drawing you see above, as well as detailed drawings of architecture, water devices, animals, faces of rage, deformities, and machines of his own design.

Saturn in 10 wants to know how everything works, Neptune at MC absorbs the world like a sponge.  Neptune and Saturn in 10 are both opposite Aries Mercury in 4. Mercury trines Leo Pluto – he certainly changed the world through creative expression.

Curiously, most of Leonardo’s writings are in mirror-image cursive, perhaps it was easier because he was left-handed, or maybe it was for reasons of secrecy, perhaps both, no one knows.

As you can see, his drawings and sketches were extremely detailed and highly researched – Virgo precision at MC and Aries Mercury in trine to Pluto in Leo.

The animation above delineates the sacred geometry of the golden rectangle, which is more easily seen in colored portions below.

Da Vinci and others (including the architect Palladio) helped to revive this knowledge of sacred geometry and its application after the so-called “Dark Ages.”

Apart from the monks in Ireland, most of the older knowledge was preserved by Arabic culture that translated older Greek and Roman works into Arabic. These works were retranslated back into Latin and other European languages by scholars working in cross-cultural universities in renaissance Spain.

Study on the proportions of head and eyes

You can see above the geometry da Vinci applied to sketching human faces.  Obviously mirror image writing and building with polarities (Uranus sextile Venus in 6th) appealed with Mars in Aquarius in trine to Saturn in the tenth of achievement.

This mathematical precision (sacred geometry) is applied to Mona Lisa below, I am sure there is another for the Last Supper floating around as well.  I will look, pop into comments.

Which brings me to the point of this post. 
Mercury is numbers, counting, perceptions.
Saturn is mathematics.

(traditional ruler of the fixed sign Aquarius)
is form and matter – the building blocks – earth plane..

Uranus is the higher octave of numbers, counting and perceptions.

Uranus is spirals.
The geometric electrical energy grid that connects all life on earth.

Which leads me to believe Uranus rules sacred geometry as well as Saturn.

Thoughts . . .?

A fun morph.

Leonardo is asteroid 3000.
Da Vinci has it exact conjunct North Node in Capricorn.

Consider Leonardo your renaissance point !

Currently Leonardo is at 10 Cancer.
Dark Moon in Cancer is at 10 degrees as I write this !
Interesting it is dovetailing into the renaissance T- Square Action, yes ?
Venus will soon follow to conjunct – she is at 6 Cancer.

Just in case I haven’t pitched you enough science yet…
If you want some
to chew on awhile – here’s a porterhouse steak, pack a blade – it’s a biggie !


Earth Magick

The Aestheticengineer

Toro Moon Magick
Smell, Taste, Sound, Color, Touch

 Use color to POP the mood in a room
 coordinate candle magicks with color

Red and oranges to stimulate primal root energy
Blues and violets to stimulate intuition and peacefulness
Greens stimulate acceptance and balance from the heart
Yellows stimulate instinct and will power

sample food textures
create sound to evoke energy
humming changes the vibrations in the room and in your body
smudge with sage
light incense

Toro Moon Magick is slow and steady growth
love and creativity and wealth

Luna is coming to conjunct Jupiter
take advantage
Grand Earth Trine Growth