just what I needed

Hi all
(another ? – ha)
   self indulgent Moon music post


Life works out oddly for me
I search and search and cannot find
   then all of a sudden


There it IS.
Tears came when I heard
my all time faves

Goddess bless YouTube
forevah Amen

om mani padme hum
Taurus rules the throat

   Robin’s exalted Toro Moon is conjunct Jupiter
the voice
   I have been wantingWantingWANTING video of this very song
since the show

Now for my girls
   This is not the version from the picture disc I own
THIS is the version
   from the album that was pulled
Ann has Venus in Taurus (rules)
Venus quintile Jupiter
the voice

peace love music & astrology


2 thoughts on “just what I needed

  1. Your comments were closed on the perceptions post. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. Fascinating. When you started with the house I recognised the knowing but when you described how you experienced it was so different to me. When this state comes over me it is a knife edge clear recognition. ‘That’s it! That’s mine!’ It cuts through all confusion and indecision. Clear perception and full bodied sense of contentment. Aaahhh don’t need to concern myself about this any longer. Just wait for the people around me to stop dithering and recognise the inevitability of the situation. These all too rare occurrences are some of my favourite moments. I pull them out and savour them every now and again.

    • Perianne, you are such a dear (deer. gentle friend x) for commenting on it. That one was a tough one to write. Truthfully, is weird, the comment thing. I did not hit anything saying comments closed – the universe did it – swear to goddess, so I took it as a sign and followed along.

      I love your ‘knife edge’ description – the ‘certainty’ of it, the inevitablity. It raises questions / descriptions in my mind of free will and fate.

      I was just thinking this am that in a nutshell, my life ‘test’ is balance – Libra MC – obviously the natal is the map – the personal skill set we bring to each and every situation is a reflection free will, or the answering – of that MC test.

      The preception post reflected some of my least balanced times – the preceptions were like personal bookmarks in time. Cosmic post-it notes ? lol “Remember this !” so when the dawning of understanding finally comes I can achieve some sort of balance between time and events. Dunno – is weird and hard to describe.

      This much I do know. Neptunian insights in my experience are visual images that flow in – like specific daydreaming for clarity of communication. Does that make sense ? While the preception thing is altogether different – very Uranian – FAST electric and like being plugged into a socket.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with precog. I find it fascinating ! x

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