the source of course

Magnificent Beings Synergizing Into ONE.

Love this !

Seemed a bit odd at first to post about synergy
when Aries is all about the singular
but truly we are one

Venus in Clan Cancer square organizational structures
 Pisces Neptuning fork trines earth
Healer philosopher Chiron trines action

Saturn exalted in balanced Libra
 Boho Uranus square olde skool Pluto

all are
 metamorphing the way ONE is understood
all are
reinforcing our sense of clan commitment
all are
forcing us to tap into our source
forcing us to change course

Mercury conjunct Sun in Virgo
 trines Plutonic transformation

! :: Let’s DO IT :: !
wOoo HOoo

Happy Moon in Aries

Cancer Venus square Saturn in Libra
will whip up some
creative juices

This time tomorrow evening
near 6pm, CST USA
Moon will be entering the fray

tense T – Square
Venus as focal point

Moon will oppose Saturn – Venus will square both
good aspect for
taking feelings – metamorphosis – making art

Make that Aries Marsy Moon work for you.
For US.

power to the people right on

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