heartfelt investments

Lenormand Revolution

Leo Venus square Scorp Moon energies
Just a quickie read over lunch highlighting
How to best deal with this aspect.
In my head I was thinking
 trads hand in hand with mods
many cat fights lately
kitties and peeps
(yes, broke up another last night between Johnny grey and black)

Venus rules Libra – friends & open enemies – she is in Showy Leo
 Moon in Scorp – emo submarine depth charges – MY Power
squares force inner transformation

 deep struggles of what & how to USE
 coupled with DESIRES to be either first, or right
seems the epitome of
eccentric Uranus in gung-ho Aries
metamorphic Pluto in stodgy Capricorn
Now the read:
Heart at the center – puurrfect 
Leo rules the creative heart; Venus gifts (bouquet)

Natural talent meets stubborn confusion.
All hinges on emotional investment, repetitive action
long-term heartfelt commitment towards goal.

Astro take:
Clouds (Neptune, divination -or parting the fog) over long term (Saturn obstacles aka climbing, learning) will lead to creative pinnacle after much work.
Moon is emotional investments (work Lenormand).


Herstory + instinct + hard work = gifts only experience can deliver.

Hope still remains while the company is true.


the source of course

Magnificent Beings Synergizing Into ONE.

Love this !

Seemed a bit odd at first to post about synergy
when Aries is all about the singular
but truly we are one

Venus in Clan Cancer square organizational structures
 Pisces Neptuning fork trines earth
Healer philosopher Chiron trines action

Saturn exalted in balanced Libra
 Boho Uranus square olde skool Pluto

all are
 metamorphing the way ONE is understood
all are
reinforcing our sense of clan commitment
all are
forcing us to tap into our source
forcing us to change course

Mercury conjunct Sun in Virgo
 trines Plutonic transformation

! :: Let’s DO IT :: !
wOoo HOoo

Happy Moon in Aries

Cancer Venus square Saturn in Libra
will whip up some
creative juices

This time tomorrow evening
near 6pm, CST USA
Moon will be entering the fray

tense T – Square
Venus as focal point

Moon will oppose Saturn – Venus will square both
good aspect for
taking feelings – metamorphosis – making art

Make that Aries Marsy Moon work for you.
For US.

power to the people right on


Final Frontier

Terence McKenna

Sun conjunct Venus (conjunct ASC) in Scorpio, Jupiter also in Scorpio, all in the 12th house of the collective unconscious.  (Chiron is also Scorpio, in the 11th.)
Pretty amazing.

Scorpios love research and Terence was a shaman who devoted his life to exploratory research of the worlds of hallucinogenic drugs.

He had Virgo Moon (at MC – Moon is the well of the psyche- the unconscious and it rules his 8th house) in square to all his personal planets – yet it was quintile Uranus.  His Uranus was a singleton (no major aspects) in Gemini.  (See Jeff Bridges under actors – he has a singleton Uranus as well.)  Uranus unaspected operates as a maverick’s  maverick  – it truly in every sense operates on instinct alone, wild and free.

Uranus is quincunx 12th house Venus showing a need to adapt and improvise – perfect – think of how he had to adapt when speaking and communicating his other-worldly vision quests so they could be understood or useful to others.  North Node of Destiny is in Gemini as well, making Terence a communicator, esp with Mercury conjunct Mars.

Terence had Saturn conjunct Pluto in Leo in 9, serious reasearch of the creative spirit, of all life and our place within the vast universe that crosses all ethno-species time-space dimensional barriers.

Saturn and Pluto squared Jupiter in Scorpio from the 9th to the 12th – so interesting, yes ..?  He did not physically travel to other worlds, but within his mind, in a drug induced state – yes, he explored new horizons within the human universe – the final frontier – THE MIND. 

I saved Neptune for last because it is the Drug Planet.
Terence had Neptune in Libra sextile his Sagittarius Mercury, Mars conjunction ( there are his actions thrown behind  expansive, mind-altering vision quests).

His Neptune was also sextile his Saturn, Pluto conjunction in Leo (he shines a light on teaching from the depths of his deep mind diving research – 12th house Scorp Sun).

Lastly, his Saturn Pluto conjunction in Leo 9 was trine his Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius in the first house.   Fire to fire, willpower aimed at communicating visions and new horizons – opening doors of perceptions was how he rolled.

Moon at MC, indicates fluctuation (and the public) and interestingly enough, some saw Terence as a kook, some saw him as a visionary, some saw him as a modern- day scientist / shaman / researcher,  some saw him as a green eco-warrior waving a flag of peace and calling for balance and respect for all life forms.

However the world sees him, Terence was VISIONARY and ahead of his time.
RIP Terence.