heartfelt investments

Lenormand Revolution

Leo Venus square Scorp Moon energies
Just a quickie read over lunch highlighting
How to best deal with this aspect.
In my head I was thinking
 trads hand in hand with mods
many cat fights lately
kitties and peeps
(yes, broke up another last night between Johnny grey and black)

Venus rules Libra – friends & open enemies – she is in Showy Leo
 Moon in Scorp – emo submarine depth charges – MY Power
squares force inner transformation

 deep struggles of what & how to USE
 coupled with DESIRES to be either first, or right
seems the epitome of
eccentric Uranus in gung-ho Aries
metamorphic Pluto in stodgy Capricorn
Now the read:
Heart at the center – puurrfect 
Leo rules the creative heart; Venus gifts (bouquet)

Natural talent meets stubborn confusion.
All hinges on emotional investment, repetitive action
long-term heartfelt commitment towards goal.

Astro take:
Clouds (Neptune, divination -or parting the fog) over long term (Saturn obstacles aka climbing, learning) will lead to creative pinnacle after much work.
Moon is emotional investments (work Lenormand).


Herstory + instinct + hard work = gifts only experience can deliver.

Hope still remains while the company is true.