picking and choosing

Good Goddess, my dreams last night . . . wtf ?!
It took me 20 just to blow the cobs out and start my day.  

Subconscious creepazoid Uranian flux goo purge at Casa Moon.
You ?  
Healing in progress, I’ll wager.  
For those asking, CHILL on the sidebar is great for a quickie zen break – Solfeggios & Yogini Tiff are fab – I highly rec both ! 

Hooray for Moon into Sagittarius !
Scorp Moon was getting a bit emo heavy, yeah ? The murky deep was damn dark even for Queen of the Swamp…outside, the wall of oppressive humidity – so apt at the mo.

Quickie read:
1st card: Merc, Jupes and Mars in Moon ruled Cancer
2nd card: Uranus in Mars ruled Aries
Spirit: Crux of the sitch, message from spirit

Shadowscapes Tarot

Gorgeous deck, apologies the lighting is a bit wonk.
1 Seven of Pents
2 Ace of Wands
Spirit card is Eight of Swords

Saturday 20
Mercury Direct at 13 degrees Cancer
1:22pm CST, USA

Mercury Rx, Jupiter, Mars in Cancer is the nurtured garden of what we emotionally tend.
The sweet honey of our attention leads energy directly toward where our thoughts focus.
KNOW this . . .gear yourself to appreciate life, be generous with thoughts of love, kindness, forgiveness and understanding – to others and also to yourself.

Creative inspiration, the SPARK of aether transformed into genius action is swimming deep in the WATERS of LIFE.  Unpredictable, hard to control – Uranus and Mercury in flux.
Be it light !

Be calm, sedate and RIDE it OUT.
Keep your wits about you, think twice – act once.
Pick your battles.


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