Mama Bear

Where are houses Aries/Cap in your chart ?
Juggling here for sure – surprises incoming from house Aries as well.

If you feel cranky and overworked, it is normal.  Moon grows to full (incoming info in house Aqua !) while Mars moves to oppose Pluto.  Power all over the shop – so pick your battles…the water trine alleviates tension and eases emotional flow.

Monday 22
Venus into Virgo

Sun into Leo

Full Moon in Aquarius

Sun will move to square Saturn when it enters Leo on Monday the 22nd – yes, work stress will escalate, and authority and the urge to achieve and solidify goals will as well.

Venus into Virgo will oppose Neptune, and square the houses of think, so try to refrain from mentally re-hashing what led to love, money and or vanity troubles and instead dive in and work in order to ease them.
Goal set – eyes on the prize

Moving on to more Cancer stuff.
Meet my recent Goodwill acquisition (below) for 4 bucks.  People were commenting all the way the door about it – whoa – where did you find it…and my fave find is …freaky caterpillar food tray…etc.  fun !

Useful is Saturn – useful and common is Jupiter – which may explain why I have a record of weird/cool Goodwill finds.
Saturn Rx in Aries (being first to spot the useful) trine Mars (in Sag, luck) which quintiles (strange talents) Uranus (uncommon oddball outta where/when weird).

She’s a Mama Bear Rattle
Very Merc stationing ~> with Mars conjunct Jupes in Cancer
Merc is air
Mars Jupes is the BIG fire power behind it

She is a Mama Bear of the Haida tribe, and this is her story…

Two young lovers met and fell in love, but were forbidden to marry for they were of the same crest.  They escaped to live in the far away wood, and did so happily for some time until her lover returned to visit their tribe.  He was imprisoned and did not return to her.
She travelled to find him, but in downhearted despair, she fell to rest under a tree where the Chief of Bears found her.  Chief of Bears took her to live with him as his wife, making every effort to bring her happiness.  She lived with bear as his wife for many years, and bore him two sons.

After time, her young lover returned for her, but she had two young children she did not wish to part from.  She instructed tribal members how to sing the song of the Bear Chief so they could retrieve her children.  Anyone who can sing the Song of Bears will have their everlasting friendship. source

I have taken a fair maid from her Haida friends as my wife. I hope her relatives won’t come and carry her away from me. I will be kind to her. I will give her berries from the hill and roots from the ground. I will do all I can to please her. For her I made this song, and for her I sing it.

When her sons grew to manhood, one choose to live with the Haida tribe, the other choose to return to the bear clan and live with his father.
Over time, the stream that runs near mama bears tribal grounds grew to a large river, filled with salmon.

peace & fish eye views

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  1. Oddball home stuff.
    Cancer, 4th
    Mushrooms are Moon ruled.
    Slugs are most probably Cancer because Scorpio is frozen/fixed water and Neptune rules SALTwater.

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