Energy SNAP


Amazing the depths to which we are delving, amazing the revelations this astro is bringing to the surface, yes ..?

Friday October 5th
3:34pm CST, USA

Saturn will roll into Scorpio while Pluto is ripping up Capricorn.

They will be in each other’s ruling houses, they disposit one another, they are in mutual reception

In other words, their energies are online to each other via the red hot phone.  The energies naturally ‘get’ each other and these two houses (Capricorn and Scorpio) will be working together.  Pluto will be metamorphing all things olde skool Capricorn in that area of your chart, while Saturn will be testing, perfecting and deepening your Scorpio experience in that area of your chart.

These two planets are sextile right off the bat. Opportunity is gonna be knockin’ in early Cap & Scorp – but you will have to make it work  !
Since wildcard Uranus is also involved – in a whammy square with Pluto – with a dose of Mars power backing it up, I thought it would be a good time to go over some energy protections.

I am of the heart and mind that being prepared is savvy.  Ya dig ?

In the next few posts I will be addressing energy.
How to harness your own energy, keep your power with you, and how to shield yourself from negative energies of others – – –  but first, we clean !

Energy clearing: 

Set your intent  to clear and clean the energy.

Clear all clutter
emotional, spiritual and physical.

Eat and drink foods that are healthy and exercise. 
Seems obvious, but it needs to be said – foods that take longer to digest will drain your energy.  Your body is your machine, your vehicle – treat it well.

Earth: Salt bath for yourself,
salt the perimeter of your property.  Salt is a crystal (Halite) that cleanses and purifies by absorbing negative energies.  (Other forms of evaporates are Calcite and Gypsum, these may also be placed in a room to clear and clean the energy.)  If you use it inside, you may want to wait 24 hours, then scoop it up – clean and clear it in the sunshine, for re-use.

Earth: Crystals can be worn or placed in a room for their cleansing properties.  Generally stones vibrate with their color spectrum, otherwise I recommend Love is in the Earth by Melody or The Book of Stones by Simmons and Ahsian.  Trust your intuition – your instincts will tell you what stone is right for you in each situation. You can find some stone info from my collection here.

Air: Smudge with sage as this increases the negative ions.  More smoke means less negative ions are present – go over all areas (including closets, cupboards) going through each room ending in an open window so the energies can escape.  You can do this over your whole property if you wish.

Air: Bells, drums, chanting, voice.  All these will clear the energies in a room, clapping into the corners to clear them is pretty old school, but it works.  I usually ring a bell at the start of any divination or magickal work.  Bells can also be used to clean and clear crystals.

Fire: Candles are always present in my studio, as fire increases negative ions.  Color code candles to suit your specific needs.

Water: Hydrate yourself and your environment.  Humans are over 70% water, keep hydrated so the electrical system of your body animal functions properly.  Dry air is an indication that there are too many positive ions present, humidify your space if needed.


4 thoughts on “Energy SNAP

    • Good or bad ?
      What astro know – how ya lookin’ for ?

      I swear this very morning I was getting ready for work when: ‘I’ve got a bad feeling about this’ popped into my head. You know the one – ala every Star Wars installment ever.

      Uranus square Pluto is exact today and I am ok, if not a bit on edge – these squares are knocking me every which way, natal progressed, transit wheeeeEEEeeeeeeEEEEee is a wild wild ride !

      How are you, Mojo ?

      • Yes I think this is the LAST day of the cycle wherein Saturn is giving me a beatdown! Hooray!!! At last that harsh mistress shall be moving on (for now…). It has been a bumpy few weeks so I am ecstatic. I was digging around today about the whole 12th house sun, 10th house neptune and kept think about how I wished I understood the implications the way you do. With that said, I have a distinct sense that the clouds are going to be clearing away now so I look forward to that. And yes I hear ya on those wiley squares. Just keep swimming…just keep swimming… 😉

      • Yes, Saturn passing the square is definately going to feel much better for you ! You are working your 12th house Sun most well, Mojo – 12th is the Sun of helping others and saving the day, ya know ? You BELIEVE in a better shiny world, and your light or WILL shines out from a sea of caring, an ocean of divine compassion for all people everywhere. I have written here many times – peeps vibing high qi Neptune and Pisces energy are the Jedi of the Zodiac. Think of Neptune in 10 as the same: only add career, honors through, and how others see you to ‘Jedi of the Zodiac’ ! xo Quote me on this, you can 😀

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