cosmic balancer

 Justice RW

Mercury in Libra, brings diplomacy and balance to thinking and all forms of communicating.

Libra is a Cardinal Air sign (initiating intellect), Mercury (dual in nature) rules both the Air sign of Gemini and the Earth sign of Virgo.

Mercury (neutral) in Libra (positive) is strong of mind, esthetically sharp.

Mercury in Libra thinks creatively, the senses and perceptions are heightened and tuned towards love and balance.  Touch and gestures are keenly perceived and processed quickly and critically.

Diplomacy reigns supreme.  When Mercury lives in Libra, social graces, harmony and a dose of charm is the key to dealing with others.

Ineffective, low qi Mercury in Libra tends to vacillate, flip-flop on nearly every decision, be overly critical, judgemental, gossipy and glib.

Hi qi Mercury in Libra is friendly, fair, clever, witty, alert and shares ideas and conversation with others.

Mercury in Libra seeks to find balance between all four corners of the world – the wheel of life.  Justice is karma, the cosmic balancer – life, death, Earth and Astral Planes (Saturn – earth- is exalted in Libra), above as well as below, within as well as without.

Mercury in Libra – she weighs and she strikes without social conventions – that is hi qi Mercury – neutral, fair and perfectly balanced.

…may balance be ours…


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  1. Do I remember rightly that you have a Mercury in Libra? The beauty of your site and your quick intelligence would certainly support this.

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