Personas Purge

Arthur Hugot

While mowing the yard (Mars blade) ideas (quintiles Uranus in 9) were popping like corn with every step…  Everyone swirling around with us on our big blue ball is experiencing Aries Uranus square Pluto in Capricorn.

What houses they fall in determine your personal experience.  

(Look at your chart and go to the houses drop down for more on house rulerships – the square brings dynamic tension you need to solve between the two houses/planetary energies)

Capricorn happens to be my ASC so everything I AM is undergoing metamorphosis.  This dark – new moon phase has brought me so much to process again.  There is a reason there are 7 exact hits of this square – there is much to process.  Seven is a spiritual number, philosophical and intuitive.

Have you thought that perhaps these 7 squares are collectively purging us of our fears..? 

Saturn is fear and Pluto is mining – digging deep to give the festering wounds inside fresh air so we may heal and grow.  Think about that for a minute – fear – then look to your Capricorn house and your natal Saturn.

I have Saturn Rx in Aries 3.  Fear of being unable to communicate effectively.  (Though that is not my greatest fear, not even close.)

Sibley chart for the US puts Saturn in Libra 10 in hard aspect to Sun, Mercury and Jupiter.  Capricorn on the 2nd house.  Fear of not being seen as/ being top of the world power, perhaps ?


Among other things, I read tarot and oracle decks to help me avoid the land mines hidden on the journey through life.  I am very good at it, have been reading since I was a teenager.

Ask your decks for insight on the squares and how they affect you.

This is my tarot/ natal chart squares mystery unraveled for me…

Weeks ago, King of Wands started showing up – I was thinking King of Wands, King of Wands, who the heck is KofW ?  No one anywhere near me was King of Wands material, then . . . aha so you’re King of Wands !  Okie- dokie.  Got it.
For the record – he’s not west coast US. He’s not from across the pond either.

King of Wands is me.
me Me ME ! 

(haha yes, Matrix)  What made me think of it this way is I was doing a spread revolving around a woman I met this summer (?).  She showed up as King of Pents – in the situation, Queen wouldn’t have garnered as much attention as KING of Pents did.  She has a grand earth trine, is the main parental figure, is very strong and very steady, it fit.

This changed my thoughts on King of Wands…sOoo all this time, perhaps King of Wands is me becoming re-aquainted with my first house self  via : Pluto in Capricorn re-vision of I AM Persona/s.  My Sagittarius Mars (Mars rules 1st) and this warrior blazing into the fray wielding the philosophical sword part of myself needed recognition and was by god/goddess rightfully claiming it. 

I am finding balance (Libra is my MC, Venus squares Neptuner) between the polarities (Uranus) of myself (Uranus conjuncts Sun – the conscious self) through my actions (Mars) of writing (Sag Mars trines Saturn in 3rd).
What has Pluto been uncovering for you ?
What ideas has Uranus been jolting you with ?
I would love to hear your insights too…!
…oh, and one more thing…hello King of Swords, now who could you be ?  lol !

may your dark mysteries find enlightenment as well…

2 thoughts on “Personas Purge

  1. Yes, we can be Kings as well. 😉

    Your opening sentence also made me think of the current transit; Mars in Scorp quincunx Jupiter in Gem. As does that theme of changing personas.
    I feel too buried in Uranus /Pluto to begin to articulate as yet. Intense insights not yet grounded.

  2. Very true, have been a bit all over the place thought wise. Scattered trying to file away all the relevant bits…

    Just remembered what I wanted to add for those getting Pluto or Uranus through angular houses !

    Is both stronger and double Cardinal :: these folks will be driven to be creative changers who will want to lead the way and hold the torch for others !

    Hang tough peeps !

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