The Roses


Grateful Dead

Funny/odd I did not know until this very day that Uranus and Pluto rule fanatics.  
I laughed.
I do not self-identify as a fanatic.

I have endured BS for years by others who do not understand why I would travel anywhere to hear certain bands so many times I have lost count. I have again endured it here at GMA because I love to explore the creative spirit in actors, directors, musicians, scientists, philosophers, etc..

I am Virgo Sun Uranus Pluto – see above.
Venus Jupiter in Leo – when I like anything, I tend to like it a LOT.
I am not without mistakes (Uranus/Pluto also rule) but I am not ashamed of loving who or what I love.  I do my best to be truthful, fair, just and kind whatever I am doing, but especially here when I write.

I have noticed the Uranus Pluto square is dragging Plutonic power-trippers from the depths of fandoms, (standoms, whatever) into unusually Uranian high gear.
See Gamergate.
Typical rants include: I was here first (Aries/Uranus) or I am older, wiser (Pluto/Capricorn), or it’s obvious/how can you be so blind, gender bias and the absolute worst: flat-out bullying and fixedFixedFIXED mindsets.

I have seen it but reserved comment until now.  The incoming eclipses & square compel me to note people are forgetting why we are all here in the first place.

The Roses, people.
We are here for the love.
Let’s not forget it.
Now go out and be kind to one another, please and thank you.

May it blow in all good company.
peace & love 
Gneiss Moon

freak flags

Click the link for a quickflash of Uranus ~>  freak flags.
Again, from the archives (Pluto is linked in the post below).

Uranus is square Pluto from South Node (opposite North Node) while Pluto squares all three.  (Uranus and both nodes.)

Squares aka inner friction, obstacles and tension between two energies that can be more powerful than a trine if solved because you have to work so hard to fix it !

Maven of Monstrous Moons

Boris Vallejo 6Boris Vallejo

Full Moon 14 Cancer
Jan 4 Chicago 10:53pm
Jan 5 London 4:53am
Melbourne 3:53pm
Maldives 9:53am

Hands up – who is having a word vomit moon ? Truth spewing misunderstandings all over the shop ?
>>> Feelings meet wildharecard metamorphosis that is Uranus square Pluto/Sun with an undertow of emo, touchy feely Moon strong in ruling house – quincunx Saturn.

Smoldering agitation with likelihood of emo/cerebral lightning strikes !  Deluge of desires including lust, power, achievement, recognition and make it snappy !  See me ( ! ) bursts of Saturnian work frustration square Neptune in Piscesan fog and dispersion.  Arcane moments of clarity/convergence coupled with wounding/healing unearthing private revelations.  YES.

1 – Tonight I had a talk with my mother, who has incoming Full Moon on Pluto opposing her Sun and Mercury.  On Christmas Eve she said to my nephew who has recently been writing for a newspaper, “we’ve never had a writer in the family before”.
What.   ?! !
As you can imagine, this went over with me like a #@(*%&@ ?!  lead balloon.  Moon opposite Neptune girl.  It is what it is.  I had an instant fit that passed quickly – ya know helladays and all – tba aka: to be addressed…later.

2 – Then I wrote something equally surprising suggestive/revealing with t. Venus trine my natal Uranus/Sun.  Ah well.  Is true.  It’s out there in public now, may as well roll with it.  I have Moon trine Virgo Pluto/Uranus/Sun…saying what I feel often works in my favor as personal growth if nothing else.  I am learning firsthand Venus on Venus is charming, pleasingly flirty, magnetic.  It is what it is.

So what is in store for you ?  Keep an eye on
– house Aries (Uranus focal of T-Square at 12)  for massive inner growth
as you deal with the hardballs (co-operation) others are pitching you between

-houses Cancer (Moon 14) in opposition to Capricorn (Pluto 13/Sun 14)

Signs/houses to read for inner growth: Aries 1, Taurus 12, Gemini 11, Cancer 10, Leo 9, Virgo 8, Libra 7, Scorpio 6, Sagittarius 5, Capricorn 4, Aquarius 3, Pisces 2
All houses are in the dropdown menu above this post.

Signs/houses to read for peace talks: Aries/Libra 4/10, Taurus/Scorpio 3/9, Gemini/Sagittarius 2/8, Cancer/Capricorn 1/7, Leo/Aquarius 6/12, Virgo/Pisces 5/11

Also note Nodes of Destiny are squaring this lunation.  The future is upon us – like it or not – and it is Venus-ruled. ~> Interp here.  The past – take the best – leave the rest !
Squares lead to growth via friction and work.

Note also that Chiron sextiles Sun/Pluto from Pisces, so believe in healing through the wounds.  Have compassion for yourself as well as others.  Forgive and move on.  The healer is also healed.

peace, balance, love with sex
…and industry
Happy First Full Moon of 2015, may they all be bright and bearing blessings. 

Gneiss Moon

You took the Sting out

wonder_woman_no__613_by_alexgarner-d3dtth9Alex Garner

Full Moon in Gemini
Dec 6 Chicago 6:27am
London 12:27pm
Tokyo 9:27
Wellington Dec 7 1:27am

Wow, so no wonder…thoughts/feelings/wounding/healing are incoming with this Full Moon.
Communication houses (& subconscious Pisces) are activated with Sagittarius Sun in peace talks with Gemini Full Moon while both square off (aka full friction – obstacle) with Chiron.
Chiron was an immortal living with a torturous wound looking high and low to find healing, who learned so much he became a great philosopher/teacher/herbalist who taught heroes – much more here.

See the sword above – it represents thinking/seeing – all about AIR and shifting perspectives.  
Gemini Full Moon = Full Mercurial Messenger Mode.
Emotional waves are likely crashing in the brainpan like a hurricane.
Go with it !

What’s UP ?  Why so dire ?

1 Mars at the tail end of Capricorn working through a shitload of past – yes it sextiles Saturn in Scorpio for the next two days until it moves into Aquarius (more on that later).
2 Full Moon always delivers news + in think tank Gemini ? Hello !  We are popping off info just as much as we are taking it in – trust me.  We often say more by our silence than by ten thousand words.
3 Jupiter stations retrograde in 6 days on the 8th (more on that later.) stations feel stronger !
4 Venus also full flush in last decan of Sagittarius trine Jupiter – hello benefics !
5 Lovely Uranus square Pluto exactation on the 15th  OY !

If faulty logic is in the airwaves, this moon will most definitely uncover it.
There is luck flying around to be sure.
Sun in Sagittarius (Jupiter ruled)
Venus in Sagittarius trine Jupiter.
Sun/Venus/Jupiter are ALL benefics !

Note also that Sagittarius Mercury (which rules this Moon) is square Chiron exact – philosophies and hope and optimism may likely be shifting and changing your brain.  That same Mercury is in trine to Uranus prior to square with Pluto.  Communication octaves ratchet UP healing & metamorphosis all Pistons firing !!  Pluto clears the way, Uranus speeds it right the hell up – that’s a fact.
Uranus – that mother is one wild ride – trust me.
All bets are off – no one can call that race – evah.
Not gonna happen.

Just take in the info and do the best you can to stay light on your feet.
Privately I popped up with one sentence that was the pinnacle of surprising truth. So profound I was shocked.  
No way it came from me – channelled straight from the heavens.
Exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time.  You know it with Uranus, always.

May the heavens shift in your favor as well.
Gneiss Moon

Thundering Wisdom

FullSizeRender 16Buddha Tarot, Robert Place

Last night I watched a great doco about Tibetan Buddhist Monks who are channelers for the great spiritual guides and deities of Buddhism.  
It was fascinating, so I’ll link it in the comments if you are curious.

Today’s question travels closely with our growing Uranus/ Pluto square over the coming months as well as Sun square Jupiter over the next two days.  

Q: What do buddhist spiritual guides wish us to know for best dealings with this aspect through my tarot deck ?

A:  Aksobhya is the rising sun of the east.  What is immovable and unshakeable about him is his trust and confidence.  His wisdom is direct from knowledge of The One, not theory.

All Buddhas represent love, but Aksobhya loves wisdom and philosophy.
He is seen performing the Victory mudra that Gautama used when he conquered Mara (Lord of Death).

His throne is supported by the strongest, wisest, kindest of animals – Elephants.  
His emblem is the vajra, the ancient thunder weapon of the gods.
This card represents Thinking, Confidence and Wisdom.
Mastery over thought will prove our best guide during this oncoming square.
Know when to speak – know when to listen.
FullSizeRender 17
Spirit Card: Crux of the sitch
The night of Siddhartha’s 29th birthday, full moon of the Wesak when he chose to leave his palace temple for good to seek his destiny.  

Over 547 lifetimes the Buddha purified himself and perfected the ten virtues:  generosity, morality, renunciation, intelligenceenergy, patience, truthfulness, determination, benevolence and equanimity.

Note some of these are active/dynamic – not all are passive.  
These are called the Heroic Virtues.  
We need both passive/active virtues in order to be a whole spiritual being.

This card underlies the karmic lesson that we get what we give.
Only too often we give what we get. (for good or ill)

Know better – do better.
Break the endless cycles of karma.


Primeval Creatives

FullSizeRender 11The Philosopher’s Stone

Two questions today in regards to Mars conjunct Pluto both (calendar here) square Uranus as we move into a Full Taurus Moon and the 6th of 7 hits of Uranus square Pluto.

1: Stuck place
2: Giving Place

1: Insight (above) Introspection – Depth of Study and Vision 
We have plenty of Scorpio (Sun, Venus, Saturn) all set to reboot the system. Pluto (rules Scorpio) transforms from the inside out – add this to Jupiter square Saturn for focused creative insight.
Navel gazing coupled with knowing/gnawing your way through intensive work is the primo vibe at the moment.  Moon is in Aries until afternoon Wednesday (USA)  working actually feels very, very good.  Satisfying even.

FullSizeRender 12Book of Doors

2: AAH: Family of the Moon: Khnemu: To Build, to Unite
Khnemu is a water god associated with the source of the Nile in Elephantine.  He was known to guard the flood gates each year, the rising floods meant the rising of Sirius.

Khnemu is also known for creating the universe alongside Ptah, and is often pictured at a potter’s wheel.  Ptah created the earth and heavens while Khnemu created humans, animals and other living beings.  He created the gods and is called “the builder of men, the maker of gods and the Father who was the Beginning’.

In the card he is pictured with the crown of the South, two feathers, two uraei (sacred serpent) and a solar disk with ram’s heads, his most ancient symbol.  Four ram’s heads face the four directions, symbolize the four elements of creation. 

He was worshipped as the ram of Mendes – the virile male, the holy phallus which stirs up passions of love.  Ram’s horns obviously indicate Aries (Mars) and the springtime rush of energies projected outward.  In this way, Khnemu exists in all things, as the soul of the artist is in the sculpture and the soul of the potter in the pot.  This is the great primeval creative force.

The Giving Place rises in the powerful creative energies surging with this aspect.  Channelled wisely it is divine self-expression and successful execution of plans.
I mentioned Jupiter square Saturn for focus – also keep in mind Jupiter is loosely trine Uranus (7 degrees) which bestows great ingenuity.
Be cautious, but also clever.

peace out
Gneiss Moon 

Primal Fire

FullSizeRender 7Elemental Tarot

Intent: sideways insights that will lead us our collective highest expression of Uranus square Pluto in the coming weeks.  Two exact hits left:
12 15 2014 Uranus Rx – 12 degrees
03 17 2015 Both Direct – 15 degrees

This card carries the vibration of Jupiter at MC: generosity, wisdom and earned respect. Optimism and work, sharing what you know.  Freeing oneself via forgiveness, breaking the chains of guilt through self-acceptance.  Understanding/Using the human path in order to enhance spiritual growth.

Pluto’s glyph rings around the neck symbolizing the transformation crucible: culling leading to contentment.
You be the judge – feng shui your life your way.
Energy clearing tips here.

The two smaller figures represent frustration and anger at the mental, emotional and physical blocks we ourselves make that hold us back from our greatest destiny. Bending Willpower tips here.

Being open to acceptance, invulnerable to the trappings of the mundane world.  Ascending through intellectual, emotional and physical transcendence.

Spirit of the Primal Fire.
The Trumpet Sounds Within.
Change in the Face of Everything.


peace out

Let it fly

am ScorSolarEclipse heron 002Heron on the lake morning of Scorpio Solar Eclipse, Gneiss Moon

Mars IS in Capricorn since early am today, post incoming asap.
Funny how last day of vacation creeps up.  I need to get busy.
Hauling brush to burn, cleaning garage, readying for winter months… with pauses in between to marvel at blue sky and bright red maple leaves and breathe crisp, cool air.

Tonight, I was going to run to the store, but my truck wouldn’t start, the battery had mysteriously run down.  (No doors open, no lights on and it ran yesterday.)

When my neighbor came over with a charger, he shared terrible news about a friend.
Uranus rules batteries and shocking insight.

Saturn by transit is conjunct my natal Neptuner and square my natal 8th house Venus Jupiter conjunction.  Deep sadness, heinous sensitivity coupled with the determined refusal to put up with overbearing, intrusive fuckwits while I work my ass off. 

Mercury stationing opposite Uranus while both square Pluto, is for a Virgo with 9th house Sun/Uranus/Pluto, forced altitude adjustments 24/7.  It is often hard to get my head around it, changes are so fast and furious it is hard to SEE straight for ten consecutive minutes.

Jean PhoenixJean Grey, Phoenix

Tricky mental maneuvers proliferate – one hand/half of brain blocks all entry while the other hand/half of brain is open to receive.  Cogs in the wheel grind, I am understanding to a point.  Some things won’t ever make sense (Mercury) no matter how I look at it.

Clarity rings like a freedom bell with Uranus.

Pluto forces new material into consciousness – grappling for efficiency, understanding and the  s  p  a  c  e  to do so increases exponentially.

Scorpio season with Uranus square Pluto…?
Give spirit the space to phoenix.
Gneiss Moon