Primeval Creatives

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Two questions today in regards to Mars conjunct Pluto both (calendar here) square Uranus as we move into a Full Taurus Moon and the 6th of 7 hits of Uranus square Pluto.

1: Stuck place
2: Giving Place

1: Insight (above) Introspection – Depth of Study and Vision 
We have plenty of Scorpio (Sun, Venus, Saturn) all set to reboot the system. Pluto (rules Scorpio) transforms from the inside out – add this to Jupiter square Saturn for focused creative insight.
Navel gazing coupled with knowing/gnawing your way through intensive work is the primo vibe at the moment.  Moon is in Aries until afternoon Wednesday (USA)  working actually feels very, very good.  Satisfying even.

FullSizeRender 12Book of Doors

2: AAH: Family of the Moon: Khnemu: To Build, to Unite
Khnemu is a water god associated with the source of the Nile in Elephantine.  He was known to guard the flood gates each year, the rising floods meant the rising of Sirius.

Khnemu is also known for creating the universe alongside Ptah, and is often pictured at a potter’s wheel.  Ptah created the earth and heavens while Khnemu created humans, animals and other living beings.  He created the gods and is called “the builder of men, the maker of gods and the Father who was the Beginning’.

In the card he is pictured with the crown of the South, two feathers, two uraei (sacred serpent) and a solar disk with ram’s heads, his most ancient symbol.  Four ram’s heads face the four directions, symbolize the four elements of creation. 

He was worshipped as the ram of Mendes – the virile male, the holy phallus which stirs up passions of love.  Ram’s horns obviously indicate Aries (Mars) and the springtime rush of energies projected outward.  In this way, Khnemu exists in all things, as the soul of the artist is in the sculpture and the soul of the potter in the pot.  This is the great primeval creative force.

The Giving Place rises in the powerful creative energies surging with this aspect.  Channelled wisely it is divine self-expression and successful execution of plans.
I mentioned Jupiter square Saturn for focus – also keep in mind Jupiter is loosely trine Uranus (7 degrees) which bestows great ingenuity.
Be cautious, but also clever.

peace out
Gneiss Moon