FullSizeRender 14Secrets of the Necronomicon
Vampire Tarot

Q: Insight for all my readers…what evil lurks, what danger lies in the shadows of Mars/Pluto in Capricorn.

Mars/Pluto in Capricorn is men, Men, MEN as well as power, time, work and career and the power to work hard to achieve goals/climb your chosen mountain.
Note: both are square Uranus in Aries = radical shifts in perspectives – weird bolts from the blue and shocking insights.

Knight of Cups – A young man who appears poised, calm on the outside – but on the inside is intense, seething with determination.  Those who keep their secrets well guarded, are crafty and subtle.  Ruthless ambition, single-minded devotion to one goal, and one goal alone.

Judging by the image, the possibility of abandoning goals in favor of pan-like drunken/love debauchery also exists.  Too much of anything is still too much – be it sun or shadow.  Material earth-bound lesson via Jupiter.

This potent, purpose-driven person can generate mistrust, dislike and jealousy.  This can obviously be you or someone else but it is likely both.

Wagon: This Chariot carries the undead.  Incredibly apt for Mars/Pluto in Capricorn. This card is forward movement up the mountain to the fortress through forces that oppose you.
This chariot is also escaping internal forces which create opposition within yourself.

Protecting life and death and love in the midst of forces that are often out of our control.  Or are they…?…not if you believe in Karma aka Saturn (rules Capricorn).
Self-control and restriction forced to the breaking point.  This also indicates home turf/ground which Dracula would take with him to ease his symptoms.

Metamorphosis and change factors heavily, as well as night hours and what happens to your energy with the cycles of the Sun/Moon.  Note also Dracula was a animagus who could spy undetected by hiding in another form.  Who is the spy ?  You or another ?  Again, likely both.

This card can represent an unexpected package, visitor – likely a man or something work or energy related.

The star is from the Magpie Oracle, created by Carrie Paris.
Even for the undead there remains a glimmer of hope.

Gneiss Moon

Primeval Creatives

FullSizeRender 11The Philosopher’s Stone

Two questions today in regards to Mars conjunct Pluto both (calendar here) square Uranus as we move into a Full Taurus Moon and the 6th of 7 hits of Uranus square Pluto.

1: Stuck place
2: Giving Place

1: Insight (above) Introspection – Depth of Study and Vision 
We have plenty of Scorpio (Sun, Venus, Saturn) all set to reboot the system. Pluto (rules Scorpio) transforms from the inside out – add this to Jupiter square Saturn for focused creative insight.
Navel gazing coupled with knowing/gnawing your way through intensive work is the primo vibe at the moment.  Moon is in Aries until afternoon Wednesday (USA)  working actually feels very, very good.  Satisfying even.

FullSizeRender 12Book of Doors

2: AAH: Family of the Moon: Khnemu: To Build, to Unite
Khnemu is a water god associated with the source of the Nile in Elephantine.  He was known to guard the flood gates each year, the rising floods meant the rising of Sirius.

Khnemu is also known for creating the universe alongside Ptah, and is often pictured at a potter’s wheel.  Ptah created the earth and heavens while Khnemu created humans, animals and other living beings.  He created the gods and is called “the builder of men, the maker of gods and the Father who was the Beginning’.

In the card he is pictured with the crown of the South, two feathers, two uraei (sacred serpent) and a solar disk with ram’s heads, his most ancient symbol.  Four ram’s heads face the four directions, symbolize the four elements of creation. 

He was worshipped as the ram of Mendes – the virile male, the holy phallus which stirs up passions of love.  Ram’s horns obviously indicate Aries (Mars) and the springtime rush of energies projected outward.  In this way, Khnemu exists in all things, as the soul of the artist is in the sculpture and the soul of the potter in the pot.  This is the great primeval creative force.

The Giving Place rises in the powerful creative energies surging with this aspect.  Channelled wisely it is divine self-expression and successful execution of plans.
I mentioned Jupiter square Saturn for focus – also keep in mind Jupiter is loosely trine Uranus (7 degrees) which bestows great ingenuity.
Be cautious, but also clever.

peace out
Gneiss Moon 

Anima Iter Itineris


FullSizeRender 9The Vampire Tarot

Calling on direction for the Mars Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.  

This powerful team of Mars – Pluto will be applying by 5 degrees on November 3, and felt through November 12th when it begins to fade (separate).

Ace of Holy Water
Baptism in the Tree of Life, squaring the circle (hexagon).
The physical and the spiritual meet on the material plane – pure power.

Mars is fire power and Pluto is its higher octave – spiritual power.

Mars rules bites; Pluto death.
Pluto is also REBIRTH on the material plane. (While in an Earth sign.)
Continually re-identifying your spiritual purpose/promise.


While in Capricorn we are reminded of the little deaths faced each day.
Breath, meetings, illusions and moments and yes – orgasm.
Oh God.

The number six (hexagon) is ruled by Venus. 
Six is the vibration of compassion, social consciousness and balance within flux.
Love is the sacred center of all things.

FullSizeRender 10Crux Card of Spirit: The World, 21 (3)

Purified soul at ONE with the universal force.

Four cardinal virtues depicted in tarot (Justice, Strength and Temperance) are all under the rulership (according to Medieval/Renaissance) of ONE – Prudence aka Wisdom.

Mina/Anima (latin: Soul) surrounded by earth’s bounty: half dead/thorn & half living/lush.
She represents the Fool’s (Sheroic) journey.

Swallowed by initiation (snake) into the mysteries of life/death and light/dark, Mina walked the path between living/dead and conscious/unconscious.  She gained wisdom and the inherent power that accompanies it by facing trials and tribulations during the journey of life.  Capricorn (Saturn) tests/refines – Mars and Pluto meet in this sign.

Mina escaped torment (baptism of blood/undead/soulless eternity) with her purity of heart and soul restored, symbolized by the flaming heart.  Her human knowledge gained from experience reflects back to her in the mirror.
Mina has the power to reflect upon her soul – Dracula does not. 

Spirit Crux Card encourages us reflect upon (define/know/use well) 
The Middle Path between: 


Self/Others – Family/Community



shailene-woodley-hd-desktop-wallpapers-of-high-resolutionShailene Woodley

“I’m so that chick who is into astrology.” – Shailene  source

Upon reading that, I am not at all surprised to find her starring in Divergent, which is based on the idea of human ‘factions’ determined by traits/talents.  Those who have developed all these traits and do not easily test into a specific faction are called Divergent.  aka: Uranian. lol !  How Uranian are you ?

Divergent I went in without expectations and was captivated by the idea/feel of this universe.  The choosing ceremony was particularly beautiful, the bowls representing each faction, perfection.  More on Factions here.  Obviously being highly Uranian myself, (Sun conjunct) it makes sense I connected to this movie so strongly.  Aptitude test here.
Me: Honest, brave, kind.

I also saw Shailene and Miles (another actor in Divergent) in The Spectacular Now, and I loved their performances, was happy to see more of their work.  Ashley Judd was, as usual, sublimely sensational in Divergent.  I wrote about Ashley here.

So a quick bit on Shailene’s astrology. . .
Can’t make this stuff up folks !
Uranus in Capricorn bang on North Node of Destiny at 11 degrees both trine Jupiter at 11 degrees Virgo. North Node is known as being Jupiterian in nature or expansive, so the chosen work will broaden many an unusual horizon/unusual choices will expand the work opportunities.

Pluto ? Currently transiting at 11 degrees Capricorn.  Pluto transit to natal Uranus/NNode is incredibly transformative, note also this conjunction includes Neptune at 14 Capricorn. Transformation through art/work and film (Neptune) is the fuel for carving out the unusual/unique path of destiny.  Learning is accelerated by this transit as well – daily work involves quick thinking amidst many distractions.

Mars coming to conjunct natal Sagittarius Mercury at 14 fires UP thinking/perceptions  with Grand Fire Trine energy – Jupiter is currently at 15 Leo, Uranus is at 14 Aries, Mars is at 9 Sagittarius – she’s definitely feeling this inspirational fire trine.  (Hopefully she is  getting more sleep than I am !)

Shailene is also having a whammy transit over her stellium: Scorpio Sun at 22 degrees with Mars bang on Pluto at 20 degrees Scorpio.  That’s a combo delivering high octane regeneration of self 24/7, she packs a powerful creative punch, though with Venus in Libra, power is charming and graceful, fair.  Pisces Moon also shows a sublime sensitivity underlying all these powerful conjunctions.  Note also: Mars is knives/guns, she wields both very well in Divergent.
“Why do people keep saying that ?!”  Loved that bit.

Saturn ?  Currently transiting at 20 degrees Scorpio, so restriction/transformation via work is very prominent, new challenges are presenting themselves quickly.  Bob & weave, work hard, use the energies to advantage – ride that dragon !  (North Node is the Dragon’s Head)

Tris DivergentMutual reception between Saturn and Pluto brilliantly supports these tough transits.  Saturn and Pluto are in each other’s ruling signs – they are speaking each others language – tag team metamorphosis is in progress.

Venus return is also coming up, with the natal Venus at 6 Libra which will usher in beauty, art, love and affection from all quarters.  Venus square natal Uranus at this time may deliver work surprises, as well as creative collaborations/recalibrations leading to more balance in life.

Great work, well done.  I look forward to more.

Gneiss Moon

Shaman Square Wizard

Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries.

Shaman of Metamorphosis vs the Wizard of Weird waxing a Full Moon Eclipse in the house of Gemini, the Twins – – with Mercury nearing direct station.

Transformation Station is HOPPING.

Things to keep in mind:
Mercury rules Gemini – is dual and tricksy – The Magician

Mercury rules PERCEPTION – times near stations are flux BIGTIME

Uranus is POLARITIES – higher forms of PERCEPTION, intuition.

Uranus is ELECTRIC CHANGE in an INSTANT – you won’t see it coming –
trust me on this one.

Be Flexible – Roll with the Changes
Many LONG TERM SITUATIONS are coming to a head at the moment with the square being triggered by an eclipse and Mercury nearing station.

You are likely seeing two sides to every situation in your life – perceptions are sharp, fluid, moving quickly.  Stay positive and grow towards the light – find the High Qi energy in your chart and follow it.  Trines, sextiles, quintiles and High Qi use of the Force at our disposal.

Keep your head : what happens now is obviously in MAJOR FLUX.

Pluto is the METAMORPH – Change is painful – Gains & Losses are IN PROGRESS

Pluto is INNER POWER – Divine Will
Mars is OUTWARD POWER – Personal Will

Mars and Pluto are up each others nostril at the mo, aggravating the square to Uranus.
Frustration is likely, WILLPOWER IS ALL OVER THE SHOP.
Count to 20 – chill.
Stay focused !

Look to your houses of Aries and Capricorn – they are getting the shakedown
along with Libra and Cancer.

Keep an eye on your house of Aquarius and Scorpio – doors are there to be opened !   Quit staring at the closed door – go open the NEW DOORS !

There is an INCREDIBLE amount of POWER at our disposal – work is moving ahead, progress is a GO – just keep climbing !  

deets below, more later…

Monday November 26 
4:48pm CST, USA
Mercury stations direct

Wednesday November 28
8:33am CST, USA
Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Gemini 6′ 40 degrees


time for grace

We had no choice but to live
in a time of abrupt flowers.
Dean Young

Mars in Capricorn (exalted)
is coming to conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Mars cuts to the chase
Pluto digs deep
Capricorn is the staid structure

practical skills, a cunning blade applied efficiently
will prune materials, habits, no longer of use
enhance your growth
Saturn in Scorpio
in mutual reception with
Pluto in Capricorn

emotional chains that bind
release them
carry your power with grace
 Saturn trine Chiron
 long term healing, emerging philosophies
know your path, walk your path
Libra Venus quintile Pluto
cleansing fire reveals
love, harmony



Loretta Lynn & Patsy Cline
These are my refrigerator magnets.  Obviously, I love these gals.
The first one I bought was the Patsy magnet. I was in Nashville, at the Ernest Tubb record store, across the street from Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, which is right behind the Grand Olde Opry.
Incidentally, in 1961, Loretta was singing some of Patsy’s songs live on the radio from the Ernest Tubb record store, when Patsy heard her (she was recovering from a car crash in the hospital at the time) and asked her husband, Charlie, to go and fetch Loretta – she wanted to meet her.  Loretta was thrilled and a life – long friendship was born.  The chart below shows the transits for the car crash I am speaking of.

Patsy was a life path 5, she challenged the status quo and lived her life her way.
She was born just after the first quarter moon which indicates a life of action and crisis control – it is a moon of versatility and trailblazing.

Patsy was a raucous bawdy stand – up gal who stuck up for herself and others with strength of character and a great generosity of spirit.  Patsy was a Virgo, Capricorn Moon, with Gemini rising – Mercury chart ruler.

Mercury is at 29 (culmination degree) of Leo conjunct the nadir.  Virgo stellium in the 4th house of feeling.  Mercury conjunct Jupiter – that amps up any and all forms of self – expression.  Tightly conjunct Neptune the inspired musician – all the feelings from the well of water – felt and soaked up from others – comes pouring out through the divine vehicle – the voice.  Patsy has this entire Virgo stellium trine Capricorn Moon in the 7th.  She sang with such great depth of feeling and eloquently expressed each turn of phrase, each note.  Great singers practice control and restraint.

Patsy was a strong woman who stood up to record execs and promoters – she demanded cash on the barrelhead, ‘no dough, no show’.  She had top billing and maintained control of her career when many women were considered secondary to the higher paid male stars, and were treated as such.
Patsy was the first woman in country music to perform at New York’s Carnegie Hall, and in 1962, she was also the first woman in country music to headline her own show in Vegas.

Patsy also has a stellium in the second house, the natural house of Taurus.  When Patsy was 13, she had a serious case of rheumatic fever (Mars) and she almost died (Pluto).  When she recovered, she discovered she had developed a booming voice. (Venus rules Taurus, the throat).

This 2nd house stellium is in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn (it rules, strong placement) in the 8th.  Patsy had perseverance in the face of death (8th house), that’s for sure. The focal planet of her T-Square is Uranus in Aries.  Uranus is Mars flavored, and Patsy was known to be very down to earth and ‘one of the guys’, fond of telling bawdy jokes and cutting up while downing a few at the bar.  Uranus rules the 11th house, so she was an outspoken maverick, a strong what you see is what you get  woman.

Uranus square to Saturn and square the 2nd house stellium with Pluto dovetailing between Mars and Venus and she was a powerhouse catalyst for all those in her circle, women and  men.  I mean not only her inner circle, but Cancer being Moon (public) ruled, her audience and the music industry as well.

As I mentioned above, the transits are for the time of Patsy’s 1961 car crash.  She was thrown through the windshield and again, nearly died.  The 3rd house is short distance travel, (accident happened in Nashville) and Mars (accidents) is coming to conjunct Uranus in the 3rd house.  North Node throws a beneficial influence over Mercury (rules travel) by conjunction.  Sun does as well by sextile.

Note also that a Saturn return indicates a new perspective on life, reaching a stage of growth and reflection, as well as karmic meetings.  The accident spurred Patsy to a renewed faith and brought her a karmic gift – she met Loretta Lynn. (click)
If you are wondering about the title – Patsy called her friends Hoss, men & women alike.