Amazing musician, virtuoso sitar player, so blessed to have heard him play…

Ravi had Aries Sun trine Jupiter / Neptune conjunction in creative Leo.  Mercury conjunct Venus (Venus is exalted in Pisces) trine Moon which trines Jupiter/ Neptune.
 Life of fame – Sun trine Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Leo.

Mars in Scorpio, Pluto in Cancer and Uranus in Pisces form a grand water trine – Uranus opposite Saturn in Virgo forms the apex of a kite.  Obviously, Ravi has earned his place in history (Saturn) as a groundbreaking, visionary musical genius. (Uranus in Pisces)  Mars in Scorpio (trine Pluto) is super intense, hot to trot for deep musical transcendent experiences (esp. with North Node in Scorp as well), Uranus in Pisces blazes new trails across musical frontiers.

Ravi, interestingly had no planets in air signs – he let his music do the talking. 

Moon is also the apex of a T-square with Virgo Saturn and Uranus in Pisces.  Emotional T-square tension dissolved by tapping the wellsprings of boho creativity – writing and healing through music.

Thank you Ravi
My Sir was honored as well…


Loretta Lynn & Patsy Cline
These are my refrigerator magnets.  Obviously, I love these gals.
The first one I bought was the Patsy magnet. I was in Nashville, at the Ernest Tubb record store, across the street from Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, which is right behind the Grand Olde Opry.
Incidentally, in 1961, Loretta was singing some of Patsy’s songs live on the radio from the Ernest Tubb record store, when Patsy heard her (she was recovering from a car crash in the hospital at the time) and asked her husband, Charlie, to go and fetch Loretta – she wanted to meet her.  Loretta was thrilled and a life – long friendship was born.  The chart below shows the transits for the car crash I am speaking of.

Patsy was a life path 5, she challenged the status quo and lived her life her way.
She was born just after the first quarter moon which indicates a life of action and crisis control – it is a moon of versatility and trailblazing.

Patsy was a raucous bawdy stand – up gal who stuck up for herself and others with strength of character and a great generosity of spirit.  Patsy was a Virgo, Capricorn Moon, with Gemini rising – Mercury chart ruler.

Mercury is at 29 (culmination degree) of Leo conjunct the nadir.  Virgo stellium in the 4th house of feeling.  Mercury conjunct Jupiter – that amps up any and all forms of self – expression.  Tightly conjunct Neptune the inspired musician – all the feelings from the well of water – felt and soaked up from others – comes pouring out through the divine vehicle – the voice.  Patsy has this entire Virgo stellium trine Capricorn Moon in the 7th.  She sang with such great depth of feeling and eloquently expressed each turn of phrase, each note.  Great singers practice control and restraint.

Patsy was a strong woman who stood up to record execs and promoters – she demanded cash on the barrelhead, ‘no dough, no show’.  She had top billing and maintained control of her career when many women were considered secondary to the higher paid male stars, and were treated as such.
Patsy was the first woman in country music to perform at New York’s Carnegie Hall, and in 1962, she was also the first woman in country music to headline her own show in Vegas.

Patsy also has a stellium in the second house, the natural house of Taurus.  When Patsy was 13, she had a serious case of rheumatic fever (Mars) and she almost died (Pluto).  When she recovered, she discovered she had developed a booming voice. (Venus rules Taurus, the throat).

This 2nd house stellium is in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn (it rules, strong placement) in the 8th.  Patsy had perseverance in the face of death (8th house), that’s for sure. The focal planet of her T-Square is Uranus in Aries.  Uranus is Mars flavored, and Patsy was known to be very down to earth and ‘one of the guys’, fond of telling bawdy jokes and cutting up while downing a few at the bar.  Uranus rules the 11th house, so she was an outspoken maverick, a strong what you see is what you get  woman.

Uranus square to Saturn and square the 2nd house stellium with Pluto dovetailing between Mars and Venus and she was a powerhouse catalyst for all those in her circle, women and  men.  I mean not only her inner circle, but Cancer being Moon (public) ruled, her audience and the music industry as well.

As I mentioned above, the transits are for the time of Patsy’s 1961 car crash.  She was thrown through the windshield and again, nearly died.  The 3rd house is short distance travel, (accident happened in Nashville) and Mars (accidents) is coming to conjunct Uranus in the 3rd house.  North Node throws a beneficial influence over Mercury (rules travel) by conjunction.  Sun does as well by sextile.

Note also that a Saturn return indicates a new perspective on life, reaching a stage of growth and reflection, as well as karmic meetings.  The accident spurred Patsy to a renewed faith and brought her a karmic gift – she met Loretta Lynn. (click)
If you are wondering about the title – Patsy called her friends Hoss, men & women alike.