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Vampire Tarot

Q: Insight for all my readers…what evil lurks, what danger lies in the shadows of Mars/Pluto in Capricorn.

Mars/Pluto in Capricorn is men, Men, MEN as well as power, time, work and career and the power to work hard to achieve goals/climb your chosen mountain.
Note: both are square Uranus in Aries = radical shifts in perspectives – weird bolts from the blue and shocking insights.

Knight of Cups – A young man who appears poised, calm on the outside – but on the inside is intense, seething with determination.  Those who keep their secrets well guarded, are crafty and subtle.  Ruthless ambition, single-minded devotion to one goal, and one goal alone.

Judging by the image, the possibility of abandoning goals in favor of pan-like drunken/love debauchery also exists.  Too much of anything is still too much – be it sun or shadow.  Material earth-bound lesson via Jupiter.

This potent, purpose-driven person can generate mistrust, dislike and jealousy.  This can obviously be you or someone else but it is likely both.

Wagon: This Chariot carries the undead.  Incredibly apt for Mars/Pluto in Capricorn. This card is forward movement up the mountain to the fortress through forces that oppose you.
This chariot is also escaping internal forces which create opposition within yourself.

Protecting life and death and love in the midst of forces that are often out of our control.  Or are they…?…not if you believe in Karma aka Saturn (rules Capricorn).
Self-control and restriction forced to the breaking point.  This also indicates home turf/ground which Dracula would take with him to ease his symptoms.

Metamorphosis and change factors heavily, as well as night hours and what happens to your energy with the cycles of the Sun/Moon.  Note also Dracula was a animagus who could spy undetected by hiding in another form.  Who is the spy ?  You or another ?  Again, likely both.

This card can represent an unexpected package, visitor – likely a man or something work or energy related.

The star is from the Magpie Oracle, created by Carrie Paris.
Even for the undead there remains a glimmer of hope.

Gneiss Moon

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