Tide Turns

Sailor_Neptun_by_LimKisMasha Gubar

November 16 Neptune Direct 4 Pisces
Chicago 1:04am
London 7:04am
Tokyo 4:04pm

Venus into Sagittarius until December 10

The Octaves of creativity, love and devotion are on the move while in (out of sign) square to one another.  Venus in late Scorpio (until 1:03pm, Chicago) is intensely saturated with transformative power while Neptune is released from retrograde navel gazing.

Water to water – emotions run their courses.  Venus is personal transcendence and metamorphosis extraordinaire while in Scorpio.  Struggles of love/art control/desire, what is mine/ours run still waters deep, in dark secret.  Expansion has been put on hold for inward metamorphosis called strongest.  (Square Jupiter)

Lady love crossing the threshold into Sagittarius brings freedom, exploration and a much more optimistic vibration.  Neptune stations direct opposite Virgo Moon, a tidal swell of thoughts/emotions/instincts via another/public are likely.  Glean insights, move on … Moon will pass quickly.

Neptune in flux increases dreams, inspirations, healing, creative urges, poetry, music/meditation/divination benders.
Be on the lookout for low qi expressions: illusion/delusion, medicating/numbing the heightened sensitivity, spaciness, fanciful fabrications.

Venus and Neptune meet up in Pisces (with Mars/Chiron) late January.

Gneiss Moon