Gypsy calls

night sky

summer night by AkagenoSaru

When graceful Venus spins into the sign of fun, frolic and festivals, Sagittarius lights sparks of enthusiasm, a desire to explore the wonders of the world.  Learning, teaching, exploring philosophies, traveling, cultural differences and gleaning the global vibe inspires her.

Sagittarius Venus shares stories, trades trinkets from her travels.  Barefoot and boho, she loves freedom and spreading her sunshine far and wide.  She is open, optimistic, has high in the sky ideals that everything in life will work out for the best, and it usually does due to a positive altitude.

Venus in Sagittarius makes friends easily, and is the life of the party.  She values honesty very highly, as much as she values having plenty of philosophical room to roam.  Sagittarius Venus is fond of hanging loose, letting the four winds guide her to her next destination.  Focus and adhering to schedules is not their thing, nor is being organized – they spread everything  O U T    F A R   &   W I  D E .  

This Venus loves the outdoors – getting sweaty in a gym – ? – no way !  Run, hike or bike somewhere else so there is more to SEE.  Sagittarius rules thighs;  I SEE is their motto.
She loves variety and experiences of all kinds with all sorts of people all over the world.
Ethnic sarongs, incense, bongos, camping supplies perpetually packed and ready to go are all par for the course.

Low Qi:
Venus in Sagittarius loses a bit of harmonious grace here in the sign of being honest, but also very blunt.  Philosophy of relationships may hang a little too loose for some, they often take to stretching the truth, they like to play, [ala love the one you’re with] on occasion.

She is restless and needs intellectual stimulation to stay interested, otherwise the gypsy calls and she will RUN   F   R   E   E  . . .

Venus into Capricorn December 10

keep looking UP