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Wildwood Tarot (de-bordered), Tarot of the Sephiroth, Fallen Angel Oracle
Olympus Tarot, Astrological Oracle

Heads UP draw, focus on current high qi energies, most benevolent outcome for all.

Scorp Saturn, Mercury trine Pisces Chiron: release / transformation / healing of long-held ideas; wise use of skillsets that enables you to steer your course through emo waters to stability on fresh new grounds

Scorp Venus square Leo Mars: creatively successful, appropriate use of outgoing fire energies; balanced words of power aka: breath of life, birth and creation. (Sun, Leo) Spiritual riches and success, conquering demons
Scorpio NNode, Mercury conjunct Saturn: Fluency of tongues, honesty in all endeavors, respect garnered from allies and enemies alike for this reason.  Totem: sea monster signaling understanding of the deepest subconscious drives and shadow side.
Element: Earth; Planet: Moon
Note: Moon moving into opportunity mode at the mo.  Scorp Moon joins NNode, Mercury, Saturn to sextile Pluto. Sharp focus on emotional / headspace soul work with the intent to heal (Moon trine Neptune, Chiron). The next 7 hours emo work delivers  strong gains; intellectual focus strong for next 48 hours.

Aries Uranus Rx square Capricorn Pluto: Assistance is on the way – changes in Altitude via friends, allies, surprises incoming

In closing, where is our blind spot at the mo ? 
Lots going on in Scorp to distract – mind your Taurus house, there is opportunity for hopeful healing of emotional wounds.  Think : home, family, music, water, walk in the woods, artistic endeavors and above all work and building strong foundations.


2 thoughts on “spiritsoaring

  1. I’ve got the cleaning bug, deeply depressing, but also rather nice to see our home looking very nifty courtesy of my own endeavours. Previously it was my husband who kept our home in order, and now he’s very nervous in case I revert back to my previous untidy self!

    • haaha must be the new Libra Moon. Hubs gets a break, eh ? only fair 🙂 did you set him to cooking instead ..?
      I know you mentioned his green thumb, any veggies ?

      Much the same here, clearing out my stuff + my Mom’s attic over the Aries Eclipse for a sale.
      yee gads

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