Shaman Square Wizard

Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries.

Shaman of Metamorphosis vs the Wizard of Weird waxing a Full Moon Eclipse in the house of Gemini, the Twins – – with Mercury nearing direct station.

Transformation Station is HOPPING.

Things to keep in mind:
Mercury rules Gemini – is dual and tricksy – The Magician

Mercury rules PERCEPTION – times near stations are flux BIGTIME

Uranus is POLARITIES – higher forms of PERCEPTION, intuition.

Uranus is ELECTRIC CHANGE in an INSTANT – you won’t see it coming –
trust me on this one.

Be Flexible – Roll with the Changes
Many LONG TERM SITUATIONS are coming to a head at the moment with the square being triggered by an eclipse and Mercury nearing station.

You are likely seeing two sides to every situation in your life – perceptions are sharp, fluid, moving quickly.  Stay positive and grow towards the light – find the High Qi energy in your chart and follow it.  Trines, sextiles, quintiles and High Qi use of the Force at our disposal.

Keep your head : what happens now is obviously in MAJOR FLUX.

Pluto is the METAMORPH – Change is painful – Gains & Losses are IN PROGRESS

Pluto is INNER POWER – Divine Will
Mars is OUTWARD POWER – Personal Will

Mars and Pluto are up each others nostril at the mo, aggravating the square to Uranus.
Frustration is likely, WILLPOWER IS ALL OVER THE SHOP.
Count to 20 – chill.
Stay focused !

Look to your houses of Aries and Capricorn – they are getting the shakedown
along with Libra and Cancer.

Keep an eye on your house of Aquarius and Scorpio – doors are there to be opened !   Quit staring at the closed door – go open the NEW DOORS !

There is an INCREDIBLE amount of POWER at our disposal – work is moving ahead, progress is a GO – just keep climbing !  

deets below, more later…

Monday November 26 
4:48pm CST, USA
Mercury stations direct

Wednesday November 28
8:33am CST, USA
Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Gemini 6′ 40 degrees



Mars on Pluto – – ZOOM BOOM Uranus !

FIRE Action HO !
Swears it – thoughts turning on a dime – the omg insights are pouring in – this pair of eclipses are trippin all the bells and whistles, square is too. 

Tears, rage, MORPH, repeat.
Something clicks and whoawtf just happened ?!.!
– OK – 
Rollin’ with it – – –

Years up to this were in  s  l  o w .  m  o .  there is just no comparison, growth on a whole new level : focus is insanely intense ! 

Venus / Saturn sextile Mars / Pluto is straightening out the kinks, yah ? !
Blade – meet ISSUE

Venus / Saturn trine Chiron + the above = rip the bandage RIGHT OFF !
Let the Healing CONTINUE

May the Force Be With You