Mars on Pluto – – ZOOM BOOM Uranus !

FIRE Action HO !
Swears it – thoughts turning on a dime – the omg insights are pouring in – this pair of eclipses are trippin all the bells and whistles, square is too. 

Tears, rage, MORPH, repeat.
Something clicks and whoawtf just happened ?!.!
– OK – 
Rollin’ with it – – –

Years up to this were in  s  l  o w .  m  o .  there is just no comparison, growth on a whole new level : focus is insanely intense ! 

Venus / Saturn sextile Mars / Pluto is straightening out the kinks, yah ? !
Blade – meet ISSUE

Venus / Saturn trine Chiron + the above = rip the bandage RIGHT OFF !
Let the Healing CONTINUE

May the Force Be With You

10 thoughts on “All GOOD

  1. Yep… right there with you. I have been thinking roller coaster for awhile but this morning I was saying the experience takes the focus of a drunk rolling home. Guess I must have experienced this sometime. 😉

      • Been there this winter, now summer’s almost here and we are on tank water. Might have to come up with the water version. Your technical ability is beyond me. Uranus rules!

      • I was just thinking how I need to start collecting rainwater – supposing we will actually get some rain this year. . . techie biz well, yes & no – got Neptuner in 11 – thanks tho x

  2. I like the fire also. Will make a trip up and bring you some wood. Nothing like the sound and smells of burning embers. 🙂

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