fair warning.

I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.  Friedrich Nietzsche

Venus in Scorpio . . . deeply mysterious, dark, passionate, sexually intense and deadly if crossed.  Venus in Scorpio possesses power –love power- they radiate sexuality, raw regenerative willpower, and by the virtue of Venus -she attracts- you are drawn in by desire.   Desire to taste the power, the sex and the transformation inherent to Scorpionic Venusians.

They instinctively penetrate to the primal core, drawing the depths of these same qualities to the surface in others they contact.
Venus is in her detriment in Scorpio: the ancient ruler of Scorpio is Mars; the modern ruler is Pluto.

Internal / External power struggles are common until self-control is gained.
attraction vs. repulsion
controlling selfish love vs. balanced selfless love

sexual vengeance vs. loving mercy
outward bound aggression vs. internal combustion, regenerative fission

Scorpionic Venusians are fond of the darkest, deepest, hidden psychoanalytical side of you – secrets fascinate them.  They want to know what makes you tick, and they are marvelously cunning, perceptive and skillful spies.  Shining with a veneer of pretty persuasion, they are remarkably astute in provoking your revelations while keeping their own hidden under triple guard vault lockdown in their impenetrable fortress.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, making Scorpio Venus loyal to the death, fearless in love, drawn to power – shrinking violets full of sunshine and rainbows need not apply.   Scorpionic  Venusians desire tooth and nail intensity – if they cannot fill this craving in love relationships they will often provoke transition by way of self-destruction.

Artists with this combo are powerful creators conjuring vast amounts of passion from the depths of their soul.  Going straight for the love jugular – they force ecstatic experiences in life as well as death – Vampiric lusts common.

This Venus is dangerous and seductive – irresistible urges, obsession and control; revulsion and powerlessness are all firebrands of Scorpio. Venus rules touch, Scorpio rules struggle – make of that what you will – she’ll love you just the same.

She fancies covert special ops delving deep into the labyrinth of the occult and metaphysical realms.  Life, death, metamorphosis are titillating subjects to be lovingly explored – all with the intent to understand the distillation of, the true, divine ESSENCE of POWER.

Love is power, Sex is power, Money is Power.
These are the jewels of Venus in Scorpio- she will research, probe and struggle with every delicate prismatic facet of all three.  She will regenerate after each catastrophic loss – Scorpio Venus rises UP.

Venus living in the house of Scorpio -OUR power- is also an indication of attracting power, favors and money given by others.  She earns the money of others through exchanges of power: likely sex, death, taxes, the mysterious, or metaphysics.   She has incredible staying power, changing at will (Pluto is Divine Will) to adapt and survive come what may. 

Scorpionic Venus regenerates, metamorphoses, hones her power, she desires divine transformation – to love her is to agree to the same.

Om mani padme hum
Scorpionic Venusians:

 :: Jim Morrison, Nick Cave, Thom Yorke, Chloë Sevigny, Maggie Gyllenhaal ::

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