Whisperings in the Wood

FullSizeRender 13Dark Goddess Tarot

Full Moon incoming in Taurus opposing Venus/Sun.
This card popped up when I asked what the Goddess (Venus) would have us know that we cannot see.  I asked for a card to enlighten us all.

Baba Yaga IX (Hermit)
Russian Witch of the Wood

Baba yaga has boney legs, iron teeth, a large distinctive nose and a house that follows her wherever she goes.
Sounds very Moonish/Cancerish yes ?  A shell of golden mean insights await us with this lunation, dive into the well of Venusian navel gazing.  (Venus rules the navel.)

As the Uranus Pluto square increases we are indeed called to re-examine bonds and contracts we make/made with others and also ourselves.  Wise council is indicated – be with your own power – the knowledge and wisdom that is your path alone.

Distractions and challenges are full of rewards for experience brings wisdom.
Trust your own momentum, Saturn need not bring stagnation but instead count on focus and determination.

Virtue, honesty and integrity are forest wild, the pure laws of Mother Nature rule here.  She is the wisest old crone of them all.

Follow your hearts intuition over authoritative dictates.
Show respect to the ancients (storm/mountains/stream/fire) and they will assist you in your journey.  Offerings to trees and wood are beneficial at this time.  Listen to the wind whispering through the trees…you will find your answer there.

peace & love
Gneiss Moon