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‘GamerGate’ is certainly an interesting turn of events that has boiled over with the astro energies of the last new Virgo moon growing into full Pisces Moon.  Leo Lilith the creative bitch goddess who would not be tamed into submission was conjunct Venus (women) while both were square (friction) Mars bang on Saturn (men) in Scorpio at new moon.

Aries Uranus was exact trine Venus – fire to fire – signaling a head’s up new perspective UPshifts especially in regards to women and – yes, Games – Leo rules !
My interpretation of Virgo new moon (9 days ago) energies here – note Eowyn.
YES.  Good timing, I had.  Excellent choice, I made.

First, I am not a gamer.  The only things in my house that could be considered even remotely game-ish are several shelves of cards ala divination decks, a glow in the dark Ouija, and a RocknRoll Trivia deck.  I am very good at Tetris, and I played Wolfenstein for  about 2 weeks in the early 90’s until I started dreaming of detailed search and destroy massacres in my sleep.
Creepy Dream Hangovers drove playing that game to a screeching halt.

I’ll link the vids  below, as well as this timeline backstory that outlines what lit the fuse, let you fashion your own viewpoint.  After reading several posts about it, the first thing that came to mind was Lara Croft who I have always understood to be a strong smart female protagonist in the gaming world.
She is the only one I could think of immediately.

A rugged archer/archeologist kicking ass raiding tombs appeals to me.
Do we finally have a kick-ass female Time LordExactly.

Creators, can we just make more games featuring smart, strong female leads ?
We do exist.  Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Also note incoming Pisces Full Moon finds us under a very yin sky: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto Chiron are all placed in introspective, reactive signs.
Worth a thought, yes ?  Note yin is not gender specific, thank you !
Now for the links:


Video Games, Misogyny and Terrorism: A Guide to Assholes

Why I Feel Bad For – And Understand – The Angry #GamerGate Gamers

Game lovers are actually getting crazy weird on/offline hate/harassment/death threats from other gaming freaks about games.  WTF people ?  Chill. 

The Sorry State Of Gaming’s Truthers And Their #Gamergate

peace out
Gneiss Moon

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