Karmic Equalities

Les EdwardsLes Edwards

September 8
Full Moon 16 degrees Pisces
Chicago 8:38pm
September 9
London 2:38am
Wellington 1:38pm

Full Moon conjunct Chiron opposing Virgo Sun delivers a blast of insight re: service and sacrifice to both self and universe.  Pitching more shifting of scales into this Moon blend are Neptune (rules Pisces) opposite Virgo Venus.  Co-operation and a shifting of balance is underway in the realms of love, women, money – they are in peace talks with daily and universal service and healing.

Full Moon and Chiron trine Saturn in Scorpio lending a note of support and seriousness as well as time limitations or perhaps karmic responsibilities that only you know.  Saturn sextiles Sun as well, delivering an opportunity to set to rights this emotional bond of sorts.

Mars nears the end of Scorpio penetrating the last of the secret muck from the deep well – transmuting and healing the wounded (emotional) warrior in us all.  This wounded warrior is important to note, as Pisces Full Moon, Neptune & Chiron all indicate healing.  Pain, trauma and loss the wound entails – but also healing, rejuvenation, and the rebirth that follows.  All indicate deep learning and growth that is only found through direct experience.

Capricorn Pluto is an powerful crux point of a T-Square between Aries Uranus opposite Libra Mercury.  Working well this is diplomatic  assertions, loving kind transformations – expect a highball message with this moon & whistle while you work through it.  The news will lead to personal growth, use it to your advantage, whatever it is.  Power, women, art, money and new directions/perspectives for all.

Lastly, North Node of Destiny conjuncts Part of Fortune in Libra in this Full Moon Chart at 19 and 21 degrees, respectively.   PoF smack on DC.
Partnerships & daily work are the key to living this moon well via equality, contracts, balance in all associations.
Let’s do this ! !


1 thought on “Karmic Equalities

  1. Fabulous exploration into creativity and memory via Brain Pickings
    The Psychology of Why Creative Work Hinges on Memory and Connecting the Unrelated

    Pattern recognition/harvesting is Mercury.

    From the link, written by Stephen Spender:
    Memory is not exactly memory. It is more like a prong, upon which a calendar of similar experiences happening throughout the years, collect. A memory once clearly stated ceases to be a memory, it becomes perpetually present, because every time we experience something which recalls it, the clear and lucid original experience imposes its formal beauty on the new experiences. It is thus no longer memory but an experience lived through again and again.

    Interesting as Pisces is often called the dustbin of the zodiac.
    Mercury as well as the Moon / Saturn axis are memory.
    12th house, its ruler and aspects is the backdoor to past lives via evolutionary astrology.
    Note also, Mercury is writing.

    Which reminded me of this post Famous Writers on the Creative Benefits of Keeping a Diary in Brain Pickings about journaling:
    [in granting us unfiltered access to the rough gems of our own minds, ordinarily dismissed by the self-censorship of “formal” writing]

    Virginia Woolf’s journal:

    “note however that this diary writing does not count as writing, since I have just re-read my year’s diary and am much struck by the rapid haphazard gallop at which it swings along, sometimes indeed jerking almost intolerably over the cobbles. Still if it were not written rather faster than the fastest type-writing, if I stopped and took thought, it would never be written at all; and the advantage of the method is that it sweeps up accidentally several stray matters which I should exclude if I hesitated, but which are the diamonds of the dustheap.”

    Happy Full Diamonds of the Dustheap Moon

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