You took the Sting out

wonder_woman_no__613_by_alexgarner-d3dtth9Alex Garner

Full Moon in Gemini
Dec 6 Chicago 6:27am
London 12:27pm
Tokyo 9:27
Wellington Dec 7 1:27am

Wow, so no wonder…thoughts/feelings/wounding/healing are incoming with this Full Moon.
Communication houses (& subconscious Pisces) are activated with Sagittarius Sun in peace talks with Gemini Full Moon while both square off (aka full friction – obstacle) with Chiron.
Chiron was an immortal living with a torturous wound looking high and low to find healing, who learned so much he became a great philosopher/teacher/herbalist who taught heroes – much more here.

See the sword above – it represents thinking/seeing – all about AIR and shifting perspectives.  
Gemini Full Moon = Full Mercurial Messenger Mode.
Emotional waves are likely crashing in the brainpan like a hurricane.
Go with it !

What’s UP ?  Why so dire ?

1 Mars at the tail end of Capricorn working through a shitload of past – yes it sextiles Saturn in Scorpio for the next two days until it moves into Aquarius (more on that later).
2 Full Moon always delivers news + in think tank Gemini ? Hello !  We are popping off info just as much as we are taking it in – trust me.  We often say more by our silence than by ten thousand words.
3 Jupiter stations retrograde in 6 days on the 8th (more on that later.) stations feel stronger !
4 Venus also full flush in last decan of Sagittarius trine Jupiter – hello benefics !
5 Lovely Uranus square Pluto exactation on the 15th  OY !

If faulty logic is in the airwaves, this moon will most definitely uncover it.
There is luck flying around to be sure.
Sun in Sagittarius (Jupiter ruled)
Venus in Sagittarius trine Jupiter.
Sun/Venus/Jupiter are ALL benefics !

Note also that Sagittarius Mercury (which rules this Moon) is square Chiron exact – philosophies and hope and optimism may likely be shifting and changing your brain.  That same Mercury is in trine to Uranus prior to square with Pluto.  Communication octaves ratchet UP healing & metamorphosis all Pistons firing !!  Pluto clears the way, Uranus speeds it right the hell up – that’s a fact.
Uranus – that mother is one wild ride – trust me.
All bets are off – no one can call that race – evah.
Not gonna happen.

Just take in the info and do the best you can to stay light on your feet.
Privately I popped up with one sentence that was the pinnacle of surprising truth. So profound I was shocked.  
No way it came from me – channelled straight from the heavens.
Exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time.  You know it with Uranus, always.

May the heavens shift in your favor as well.
Gneiss Moon