Sun is dependable in Taurus

Ownership and finery rule the senses
Security and zen surrounds keep the bulls placid

Unassuming tenaciousness
common sense and hard working principles are adhered to
they persevere but patience is called for
for they tend to be laggards

Taurus Suns are fond of money
valuing things and material pleasures

Sensible and sensate
they are slow to anger but ornery and intractable
when they reach their limit

Peace of mind regulates their altitude
they resist change
preferring predictable status quo

Valued for reliability and modest self-esteem
they radiate peaceful charm


Sun in Scorpio
October 23 – November 22
8th house
ruled by (ancient) Mars (modern) Pluto
receptive yin
fixed water


Scorpio Sun is secretive

Power Rises UP
regeneration thrives and rebirth rules
cravings and lust for both are integral to being

Steadfast in the eye of danger
neither life or death can move them to fear for they embody both
heeding the call of nature beyond the veil is sacrosanct

Scorpio Suns are fond of power
in whatever form it takes
molding, shaping and manipulating it is their forte

in the absence of chaos they wield it
a steady sword need be tested, tried to be true
transformation is inherent, relentless

gravitas as sidearm masks gifts
carefully hidden
proceed with caution


Let it fly

am ScorSolarEclipse heron 002Heron on the lake morning of Scorpio Solar Eclipse, Gneiss Moon

Mars IS in Capricorn since early am today, post incoming asap.
Funny how last day of vacation creeps up.  I need to get busy.
Hauling brush to burn, cleaning garage, readying for winter months… with pauses in between to marvel at blue sky and bright red maple leaves and breathe crisp, cool air.

Tonight, I was going to run to the store, but my truck wouldn’t start, the battery had mysteriously run down.  (No doors open, no lights on and it ran yesterday.)

When my neighbor came over with a charger, he shared terrible news about a friend.
Uranus rules batteries and shocking insight.

Saturn by transit is conjunct my natal Neptuner and square my natal 8th house Venus Jupiter conjunction.  Deep sadness, heinous sensitivity coupled with the determined refusal to put up with overbearing, intrusive fuckwits while I work my ass off. 

Mercury stationing opposite Uranus while both square Pluto, is for a Virgo with 9th house Sun/Uranus/Pluto, forced altitude adjustments 24/7.  It is often hard to get my head around it, changes are so fast and furious it is hard to SEE straight for ten consecutive minutes.

Jean PhoenixJean Grey, Phoenix

Tricky mental maneuvers proliferate – one hand/half of brain blocks all entry while the other hand/half of brain is open to receive.  Cogs in the wheel grind, I am understanding to a point.  Some things won’t ever make sense (Mercury) no matter how I look at it.

Clarity rings like a freedom bell with Uranus.

Pluto forces new material into consciousness – grappling for efficiency, understanding and the  s  p  a  c  e  to do so increases exponentially.

Scorpio season with Uranus square Pluto…?
Give spirit the space to phoenix.
Gneiss Moon

Quiet, still.

Johannes Vob Swords and Warriors 3Johannes

Mercury in Scorpio is a stealthy super-sleuth placement. 
This Mercury excels at ferreting out the dark secrets of others, but make no mistake – they steadfastly guard their own to the death.  Imaginings and mental meanderings often take a mysterious darker turn towards the shadows. 

Scorpio thoughts are naturally found lurking between light/life and dark/death – this Mercury craves that which is unseen.  They gravitate towards and are motivated by depths of the mind that are rich with transformative power.  This Mercury shrinks not from the bitter tongue of truth, they are uncannily perceptive, brutally on point.

Mercury in the sign of desires and conspiracy enjoys those who demonstrate both mental prowess and persuasive wordplay.  They play the power card like a pro.  Scorpio Mercury picks, prods and provokes the power from others with a passionate fervor.  This Mercury has stamina and strength.  This is also true of their hands – strong, sensual.

Discerning and forceful, this Mercury placement is charismatic and slick.  Mental obsessions and stagnant or repeating thought processes (eg. sex, stalking, revenge) are to be avoided at all costs.  Controlling siblings is a hallmark of this placement as is a tendency to dominate and control others through speech or writing – be aware of it.

Scorpio Mercury locked and loaded into positive metamorphosis mode is capable of extreme feats of mind over matter.  They are intense, often remaining silent, preferring their speech powerful, profound.  Scorpio Mercury is one of the most mysterious placements in the zodiac, here the usually chatty Mercury runs quiet, still and deep.


Voodoo Woman

Susan Tedeschi has loved music from a very young age. She joined a band at 13, wrote her first song at 14, sang gospel choir, and later graduated from the Berklee College of Music with a degree in jazz and rock.   According to her Lillith Fair bio: she found little inspiration in the church choir, and so attended predominantly African-American Baptist churches, feeling the music was “less repressed and more like a celebration of God.”
She is an outstanding vocalist and guitarist; nominated for several Grammys, and is the winner of numerous W.C. Handy Blues Awards.
Susan is an 11 life path- 11 is a master number for those who lead lives of inspiring others and service to the greater good of humanity.

Wowsers.  Look at that 8th house.  Susan is a Pisces rising with a chart ruler of Neptune (rules string instruments) packed into a powerful Scorpio stellium.  Ummm, dirty blues, yeah !

Sun is sandwiched between the two benefics Venus and Jupiter; an indication of a loving, generous spirit.  Mercury and Neptune conjunct give her a penetrating musical presence; guitar and voice.
Deep feeling Moon conjunct Chiron in trine to the stellium, emotional healing through the power of music.  I am inclined to think that North Node (purpose in life) at 29 degrees between Aquarius (electricity) and Pisces (Neptune rules) means ‘electric guitar’.
Judging by her powerful 7th house (relationships, including marriage) her husband, Derek Trucks has obviously had a huge impact (Mars, energy, desires/ Uranus, innovation, telepathy) on her artistically (Venus or art -rules Libra).  They speak the same musical language and find transcendence through intuitive musical expression.

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