Master Metamorph

Frog Metamorphosis


birth. death. rebirth.
Pluto is the ginormous game changer.
 Force. Power. Struggle.

Pluto rules the underworld, morgues and mummies.
Poisonous animals, accomplices and tyrants.

Pluto in your natal chart signifies
your most powerful desires
where you will experience

DIVINE WILL and superhuman growth.

Pluto rules miners, espionage.
volcanoes, World Wars,

sin, smut and sewers.

Your Pluto house is where you find your
vast reserves of regenerative energy.

Pluto rules inheritances, taxes and client money.

Pluto represents where you are
all – powerful and helpless.

Cult leaders, archeologists, bootleggers and disasters
fall under the rule of Pluto.
Corruption, hydrogen balance (pH), and decay are
Plutonic, as is Plutonium
and the

Pluto is mysterious, penetrating and secretive.
It is your vanishing act.

Pluto in your natal is
that which you will not let go of
even in the face of certain death.

Earthquakes, extremists,
space and ocean
lava and mob rule are all Plutonic.

Pluto in your natal is where you
summon THE FORCE
from the depths of still waters.

Obsidian, magick, rocket flight,
rape, murder, satire
 the boob tube and cesspits of sin
are all
psychoanalysed by Pluto.

Pluto is in your natal is where you
research and probe,
where you uncover and reveal.

It is the upset, the subversion
the rare and miraculous.

Pluto is your train wreck, your rescue,
your damnation
and your

13 thoughts on “Master Metamorph

  1. ::::
    Came right to mind.

    I got MINE and you got YOURS.

    the radical he rant and rage, singing someone got to turn the page
    rich man in his summer home
    singing just leave well enough alone
    his pants are down, his covers blown
    and the politicians are throwing stones

    ashes to ashes all fall down

    Pluto in Capricorn square radical Uranus in Aries, anyone ?

  2. Pluto in Leo straddles my 2nd and 3rd house, and gives me grief, along with Uranus in Leo in the 2nd. Additionally, Pluto is on a T-square with Mercury in Taurus (11th), and Moon in Scorpio (5th). So, I assume that the empty leg is the 9th house with Aquarius on the cusp. YIKES!

    • Pluto as focal planet ~ powerful creative drive to communicate the mysteries, I see that in your work. Any trines or sextiles off that T will also help relieve it. Do you find Neptunians and Aquarians are powerful creative catalysts for you…?

      My natal Pluto in 8th conjunct Sun Uranus in Virgo 9, stellium opposes late 2nd / early 3rd. Throwing stones is apt description for some of my experiences.

      • Mercury/Taurus (11th)

        Sextile MC (Pisces)
        Trine Jupiter/Virgo (3rd)
        Sextile Mars/Cancer (1st)

        Moon/Scorpio (5th)

        Trine MC (Pisces)
        Sextile Jupiter/Virgo (3rd)
        Trine Mars/Cancer (1st)

        Pluto/Leo (2nd/3rd)

        Sextile Neptune/Scorpio (5th)

        I don’t meet very many Neptunians, although I have met two or three Aquarians in my day, including my mother, and I have Chiron/Aquarius (8th), so Aquarians don’t spark me at all. Perhaps, because Chiron is square to my Moon and N. Node, both in the 5th house. But, Chiron is trine to my Sun/Gemini (12th), and biquintile to Jupiter/Virgo (3rd).

        I’ve been told that I should have become a writer, teacher (middle-grade children), librarian, work w/animals, or work in a museum.

        I’m working on it, since Saturn is transiting my 4th, so it’s time to create a new foundation, since Pluto recently left my 6th house, and I’ve had to bid farewell to the legal secretarial profession.

        I apologize for being long-winded like Cicero. I wonder if he was a Gemini?


      • I have Merc MC, I love to read & write, so keep talking & writing, Ace – I enjoy your input here !
        It occurs to me you really ‘shine’ a light on the collective archetypes from the 12th. Cancer loves storytelling, the oral histories of clan, yes ? Seems very apt for you to actively communicate global mythologies / histories and your spiritual side with the ruler of your MC in the creative 5th and Sun in Gem 12 !
        I understand your need to release and move on – my day job is wonderful, it dovetails amazingly well with my natal aspects – but it does not feed my intellectual & spiritual needs…. my work here at GMA, does. I feel rather like Diana Prince / Wonder Woman, suits my biggie Neptuner alias thing, ha.
        The Divenusian

  3. Oh, and by the way, it is often that I have to summon “The Force” from the depths of the ethers to walk on the edge of life with me!

    Thank you for writing about Pluto.

    • Yes, indeed….I was getting visuals of Master Yoda teaching Luke to summon the force to raise his X-Wing from the swamp when I wrote it.
      You are welcome, more Pluto to come…

  4. ‘That which you will not let go of even in the face of certain death’ Mmmm an interesting question. I love the clip. Such a powerful opening when they are facing the circle of drummers. The flashing mandalas were creating a vortex opening to my Pluto in the 12th and the collective spews out.

    • The Dead have a special knack for opening the doors of perceptions…

      Pluto in 12 can be a strong placement for healing, you are Virgo ASC, yes ? Pluto in Virgo ?

      I have been forced by sickness (a sort of death) to let go of Pluto temporarily, but when I regained my health, I picked Pluto right back up. I will elaborate on the upcoming Pluto post, have been thinking about it for days…may be a whopper !
      Virgo 9 is sorting & processing the factoids, lol.

      Did not mention above: Heroic acts with disregard for personal safety, loyalty and fearlessness are all also Pluto.

      • No, Pluto in Leo. I just did my Solar return, It is my birthday today. 😀
        I have an Aquarian Ascendant this year and I believe I am already feeling it. Sun in the 4th repeating my natal sextile to Sun. I am looking forward to tapping into this different energy.

      • * Happy Birthday * Perianne !
        Sorry if I am late by the time you read this, was at my Mom’s doing my best Peter Walsh (clean sweep) imitation – short of dragging junk into the driveway – it was an intense Mars in Virgo purge ! drill sgt tough ! . lol.

        Hope you have enjoyed your day, and continue to breathe the great Aquarius vibes coming in ! I also have Aqua rising in progs; this strikes me as cosmically appropriate for more reasons than one. I look forward to hearing more from your Toro Merc from behind the Uranian lens…
        Cheers ! 🙂

  5. Love it. I have Sun in XI opposite Pluto in V and Saturn in VIII. I find the concept of polarization interesting and in many ways my life has felt Scorpionic, characterized by deep transformations and cycles of crisis, death, and renewal. There’s a more profound aspect to my personality that I think people don’t initially see and that contrasts Jupiter rising in my chart. As you would guess I’m also compulsively creative (sometimes might feel lost in my projects) haha.

    Had Pluto over my descendant recently at 2′ Capricorn and it was no joke. I experienced a major purge of every single inauthentic relationship in my life. Initially painful, yet ultimately beneficial!

    • Indeed – I am doing the same from over here in one. I have experienced Pluto as asserting myself more and the inner strength that is growing sheds the inauthentic more than purges it.
      There are those that are pushing my buttons for sure, low pass – agg energy peeps are in my face with this transit. They serve as a mirror of what I do not want to be. I am so busy working and metamorphing myself : I note, adapt, disengage, move on.
      Pluto is serious, some tough lessons via ending relationships for me too. Pluto will not tolerate b.s. for long that much is evident !

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