built to last

Leo Moon, thankfully.
 Applying trine to Uranus, so I can get some astro work done.

Not a big fan of that Cancer Moon with Venus Retro.
Weird flirtation today from recent past dude outta left field.
not. gonna. happen.

Leo Moon falls in my 8th
hello books ! my old true love
Leo is a barren sign

great time to destroy weeds and pests
Creativity, love and romance, personal charisma
illumination and willpower
are favored

Leo is a fixed sign
 magickal workings with Leo moon waxing
will grow and last

3 thoughts on “built to last

  1. hmmm. leo is a barren sign???? shock & awe! you must elaborate.

    a bizaare weekend this promises to be…xx

    • Gardening by Luna.
      Water signs are good for planting, particularly Cancer. Earth signs are generally good for root crops like carrots, particularly while Moon is in Capricorn, and earth is also time for transplanting to encourage root growth. Air signs are for flowering and harvesting.

      Barren signs: Aries , Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius (barren & dry)
      Barren planets: Sun, Uranus, Saturn and Mars
      Old texts read these planets in barren signs on cusp of 5th or 11th of both parents may deny biological children.

      New Moon to first quarter are fertile & wet- above ground plants, transplant
      Full to last quarter (dark) – weeding, pruning, below ground crops

      more here: https://gneissmoonastrology.net/2012/01/05/4101/

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