Zen Power

Second House
Natural House of Taurus
Venus Rules

The second house of the natal chart determines
what I have
what I value, what I earn
the amount of freedom given by money
personal peace of mind.

Budgeting cash, balancing income
personal debt and currency in circulation
are all second house matters.

Gifts given or taken
money lent or borrowed
ownership rights of possessions
one’s attitude towards those possessions
all fall under the second house.

Precious stones and jewelry
as an investment
stocks, the stock exchange, speculation
commercial trade, travelers checks
and the markets
are second house.

Senses of smell, taste and touch
rise here to meet mind.

The neck, vocal cords and voice
are under the rulership of
Taurus, Venus and second house.

Eighth House
Natural House of Scorpio
Pluto Rules

The eighth house in the natal chart determines
what we have.

Assets of the both the
marriage partner and the business partner
alimony, taxes and tax collectors
are all eighth house.

Inheritance, life insurance,
wills, dowries
heirs and heirlooms
losses and legacies.

Atomics, atomic power
experiences on the astral plane,
death, reincarnation
the kundalini
and regeneration
live and die and are reborn in the eighth.

Executioners, coroners, funerals
morgues, morticians
surgery, surgeons and suicides
are Plutonic and eighth house.

the occult, psychic receptivity
and gains or losses thereof

Venereal disease, excretion
the genitals and urinary system
and the underworld

Metaphysics, research, psychoanalysis
the hidden
the mystical and the taboo
are all buried
in the eighth house.



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  1. Thanks for sharing. Long time student and still working to remember and synthesize all the information. Peace.

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