Quiet, still.

Johannes Vob Swords and Warriors 3Johannes

Mercury in Scorpio is a stealthy super-sleuth placement. 
This Mercury excels at ferreting out the dark secrets of others, but make no mistake – they steadfastly guard their own to the death.  Imaginings and mental meanderings often take a mysterious darker turn towards the shadows. 

Scorpio thoughts are naturally found lurking between light/life and dark/death – this Mercury craves that which is unseen.  They gravitate towards and are motivated by depths of the mind that are rich with transformative power.  This Mercury shrinks not from the bitter tongue of truth, they are uncannily perceptive, brutally on point.

Mercury in the sign of desires and conspiracy enjoys those who demonstrate both mental prowess and persuasive wordplay.  They play the power card like a pro.  Scorpio Mercury picks, prods and provokes the power from others with a passionate fervor.  This Mercury has stamina and strength.  This is also true of their hands – strong, sensual.

Discerning and forceful, this Mercury placement is charismatic and slick.  Mental obsessions and stagnant or repeating thought processes (eg. sex, stalking, revenge) are to be avoided at all costs.  Controlling siblings is a hallmark of this placement as is a tendency to dominate and control others through speech or writing – be aware of it.

Scorpio Mercury locked and loaded into positive metamorphosis mode is capable of extreme feats of mind over matter.  They are intense, often remaining silent, preferring their speech powerful, profound.  Scorpio Mercury is one of the most mysterious placements in the zodiac, here the usually chatty Mercury runs quiet, still and deep.